...mirror, mirror, on my wall...

"Be strong, brethren," shouted Tol, "be brave!" But no one listened. The old ones' creviced and pockmarked faces smoothed out as the drive to kill took over and all their earthly worries faded. I saw the heavy bloodlust in my green companions, and I knew it was showing in me as well. This would not be like the trials.
 This was something far more debased than that, far more refined."
 ~excerpt from Liberation, by Ely S. Gryate. 

meet Liberation, or Lib, as I like to call him. My latest pet project. Whom I have been neglecting poorly over these past few days.

what? Don't give me that judging look, computer screen. You'd want to take a little bit of a break after finishing two months of school in two and a half weeks, while completing the 100 for 100 challenge at Go Teen Writers. Your brain kinda freezes up after too much of strenuous exercise!

luckily, since I'm a writer, I go nuts if I break from writing for too long. There are too many colors in my thoughts for my mind to hold, too many new ideas. I have to write them down, or I shut down completely.

Liberation is unlike anything I've ever written before. I don't know what inspired it. Heck, I don't even know what exact genre it is (it's not quite fantasy...but it's not real...but it's got a little bit of science fiction...yeah, I dunno...) I've always toyed around with the "warrior" type character, but I've never really had him as my main character.

and out of all the warrior characters I've ever concocted, Arkin is the bloodthirstiest.

i think the reason why Liberation is so different is that I had finished reading The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Stiefvater a few days before. The book was so unique and unlike anything I'd ever read before, it made me want to write something unlike I had ever written before. And so this tall, blond Rak'Atan named Tellarkin Kiet was born.

i'm not sure how I feel about Arkin. I love his brother, I know that for sure (isn't loving fictional characters just the best?) But Arkin hits too close to home. He's too much like me. I have a very hard time opening my mouth and talking to people, so much so you could say it's a self-inflicted disorder. I don't make friends easily. I jump to conclusions in mere instants. I live in a world full of my own imaginings, few of which ever see light of day. I just don't communicate much. And neither does Arkin. So I guess I love him, because I understand him, but I also hate him, because he shows me all the things that I know are my weaknesses. He's like my mirror.

sometimes people say writing is just putting words on a page. "You don't learn anything," they say.

i beg to differ.

from writing, you can learn so, so much about yourself--and half of the time, you don't even know you're doing it. 

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