"...you know, Dad, when I was little, you never told me not to be afraid of the dark..."

dark vs. light. You hear that phrase a lot in Christian culture. It's kind of a catchphrase for us (and that kind of bugs me...but I'm not going address that here). For most people, light and dark are just things. One is...well, light, and the other is the absence of light.

for Will Stanton, light and dark are so much more.

i picked this movie off of the Books-To-Movies section at our library, thinking it sounded cool (and rather curious because at the age of 12, I wrote a novel called Seeker, which I am still rewriting to this day). I wanted to see if I had at all unintentionally ripped off any of the concepts in this movie.

luckily for me, my book is completely different than this Seeker.

Will Stanton is the seventh son of a seventh son, which makes him on par with the four Old Ones, guardians of some kind. Apparently, he's the Sign Seeker, the one who will use the signs to overcome Dark and help Light continue to exist. One problem, though. Dark is coming, and Will doesn't have any of the signs yet. He has five days before Dark's power is at it's peak, and if he doesn't have all six signs by then...Earth will fall into Darkness.

i genuinely liked Will. He wasn't a brat, he wasn't popular, he wasn't anything special. He was just Will. As he told one of the Old Ones, he was always the invisible one. No one ever noticed him. And now he's supposed to save the world? How does that work? I connected with him in the way that he was so real. He didn't seem like some kid playing a character. He was Will.

plotwise, I didn't find anything too horrifically

gaping. There were a few tiny plot holes, and a couple more convenient circumstances, but not so bad that the writer in me wigged out. The whole Maggie thing did set my teeth on edge. Saw it coming a mile away, as well as the sixth sign. But I forgave that, because the speech that Will gives with the last sign is completely epic.  However, this movie is based on a book that I have not read--*gasp!* From what I've seen in other reviews, there are a fair amount of inconsistencies in the movie compared to the books. But how am I to know that? So in my opinion, it's a good movie plotwise. Until I read the books and go onto the other side. :)

this movie had no language in it. That was my favorite part. Apart from several dark (no pun intended) scenes that could've been scary to a younger child, I would have had no issue watching this with my younger sister and brother. There was also no rude humor, apart from a few innocent references to puberty (Will was feeling confused about his powers, and his parents and brothers took it to be adolescence kicking in).

so in the end, with a plot that drooped a little in places, and with a few dark moments (again, no pun intended..) I'd give The Seeker: Dark Is Rising a 4 out of 5 on my list. Appropriate for kids who can handle a little bit of unexpected creepiness (the security guards in the mall still give me the shivers, and I'm not easily scared by stuff like that!). Very enjoyable movie.

p.s. (I completely forget to mention this--shame on me--but Christopher Eccleston, the man who played the Ninth Doctor, is the villain. He's the Rider. He's the Dark. He's totally epic, and has shot high on my list of favorite actors after this movie. Just thought I'd share that. :D )

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