...a snippet from my life...

 as I have mentioned before, I have two very kooky yet awesome friends who keep me entertained with their daily shenanigans. I went to bed early last night, so I didn't see this conversation until I got up the next morning, but when I did, it sent me into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. These two are very, very funny. I'm so grateful to have them as my friends.
 Dr. Carbon How do you think I got to know so much about pi?
Ferdy: By being a glutton?
Dr. Carbon: I set myself up for that one. No, goofy, from studying excellent math. 
Ferdy:  Ah I see. 
Dr. Carbon: Good thing, too. I would have been saddened to learn that you were blind.
Ferdy: Then I would just need some Jesus mud
Dr. Carbon: Didn't think you could get that at the pharmacy down the street. 
Ferdy: hmmm probably not. The last sample they had is so outdated probably doesn't even work any more
Dr. Carbon Methinks they lost the recipe. Which is strange, considering how effective it is. It works like the hand of God. You think they'd keep track of little things like that.
 Ferdy: You could almost call it's scent "Heavenly."
Dr. Carbon: It works well with Prayintohim. Also, it's the cheapest stuff on the shelves. Or maybe it's priceless. Well, we already know that one of the ingredients is the grain of a mustard seed.

and that was the highlight of my morning. O.o My life is weird...


  1. Oh my...really now, ninjagirl, promise me that someday I will be able to read this literary masterpiece all the way through... :P

    Love this, and love ya!

  2. Definitely. I'll email you what we have so far later on tonight, if you like. :) Though this isn't part of the story (just my bros' awesomeness) it's pretty much the same as the story. Just plain crazy. :D

    Love you!


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