{20 Things About Me}

My lovely friend Lauricia is did this cool little post here, so I thought I should give it a go. These get-to-know-you kind of posts are so much fun to write...and a little hard too, oddly enough.

1. I am a natural born ginger.

2. My dream vacation? A visit to the Irish countryside. Or Colorado. One or the other.

3. I have two favorite baby names currently, and they are James and Bethany.

4. I don't know why, but I really, really love this song.

5. Vanilla Chai tea with a splash of milk and a spoonful of honey is my favorite beverage of all time. It even beats out Mtn. Dew, and that's impressive.

6. I was born on Henry Ford's 133 birthday.

7. I watch anime when I'm sick. I like to have pointless drivel to keep my mind off my illness, I guess.

(oh yes, Fruits Basket. One of the most random animes I have yet to watch.)

8. I love dangly earrings.

9. I know the exact number of days that lie between my birthday and my best friends' birthdays.

10. My Myers-Briggs personality test came back as an INTJ, which is the Mastermind. Apparently, I could be a psychopath if I tried hard enough.

11. I'm a HUGE card flourishing fan, and I'm struggling to master a few moves, but having small hands is definitely making it a bit harder.

12. My absolute favorite book is After the Dancing Days, by Margaret Rostkowski. It is one of the few books to actually make me cry.

13. I really want to watch this movie.

14. My guilty pleasure? Listening to He Is We and We the Kings on rainy days.

15. I am very much a middle child.

16. I think I might have an Instagram addiction.

17. A lot of my friends live at least two hours away from me, and I miss them. A LOT.

18. My favorite passage in the Bible as a kid? Jeremiah 19. Look it up. I think I was a disturbed child...

19. I got my first pair of real Converse for my 17th birthday, and they are the most beautiful shoes ever.

And last but not least...

20. I could talk about music and movies and books for hours on end. And I do, quite often.

So there you have it: twenty things about myself. What about y'all? What are twenty random facts about you? I'd love to know!

Tata for now!


  1. Love it!! :)

    ...And of course you want to see that movie...it has David Tennant in it!!!! :)

    1. lol yes... :) I actually just got done watching it, and it's a pretty sweet movie. No plot worth speaking of, but a pretty nice romantic comedy. And David was brilliant in it. :)


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