...hello, my name is...

my name is Matt

I guess you could say that this is the story of how I grew from a boy to a man

my fingers speak a different language than the rest of the world

it makes life interesting

i went away from my home on an adventure

met someone whom I didn't expect

discovered what really matters

i don't think I'm ever going to be the same again

i still don't know what exactly happened
my name is Matt. and this is my story. 


  1. Is this "The Great Ones and the General"?


    1. Sorry I didn't respond to this until now, K-minty. My computer is still being flakey...

      Yes, this is 'the great ones and the generals,' my tentative NaNoWriMo novel. I'm really exited about it, if you can't tell by the amount of my Pinterest stuff related to it. ;)

      Love you!

  2. I like how you did this! Is this a character introduction? If so I love it much more than the ones which are normally done on blogs. In fact, I think I shall have to commandeer the idea from you.

    1. it's a sort of character introduction--I like to see how well I can sum up a character in just a few pictures and quick sentences. Feel free to commandeer it! I love it when people steal my ideas! (which sounds rather backwards, thinking about it...) :)


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