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As I have probably stated before, I think book written for kids are waaaaay better than teen books. I've only just recently started reading popular teen books (partially for my job, partially to see what the fuss is all about). Most of the time, I wrinkling up my nose and thinking, "Really?" (Hunger Games? Meh. You get the picture.) But every once in a while, I will find one teen book that I do love (Scorpio Races, anyone?)

And then sometimes I find one book that alternately makes me frustrated, curious, and bemused all at the same time.

I think I picked up Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare entirely on a whim. I had read reviews saying that it was a pretty decent read, and I needed a new serious to get my teeth into.

And I couldn't help but noticing that all of these books are freaking huge.

So I read the Infernal Devices books. I liked them. There were things that I loved, and things that I hated it, but overall, they were good.

Then I discovered that there was another series: the Mortal Instruments.

*cue happy dance*

I bought the first three books for my birthday, and then got the last two from the library. Luckily, I got sick that week, so I had an excuse for all my reading. And now I'm waiting patiently for the City of Heavenly Fire of come out.

I both love and hate this series. I love the snarky wit, the concept, and even parts of the plot (despite the occasional gaping plot hole). I hate the risque element (really? Do we truly need that much making out? I understand that these people have known each other for...oh, I know, a year? Less than that? It's obviously they love each other. *sarcasm* Can we dial it back a little bit? PLEASE?) Also, because I read the Infernal Devices first, I find Jace to be identical to Will. Which, I know, is the point, but I loved Will. A lot. And Jace just kind of gets on my nerves.

I finished reading City of Ashes this morning (yes, I read books out of order. Sue me.) I have a few bones to pick. So bear with me. I'm about to rant.

Rant One: the Blatant Incest

Seriously. If I hadn't read the other books first, or if I hadn't had any access at all to the Internet (thank God for Wikipedia...) I would've thrown these books down and regretted the money spent. Incest is one of those things that I can't exactly ignore.

City of Ashes was painful to read because of that (City of Glass was rather awkward too, but then the last part happened, and a lot of things got cleared up). And, because I've read City of Glass and the others, I know it's an integral part of the plot, but seriously. It's majorly awkward. And it made me dislike Clary and Jace even more.

But may I just say: I saw that Sebastian was the real Jonathan Morgenstern right off the bat. 'twas obvious.

this. this is what I be talking about.
Rant Two: Magnus

I really liked Magnus in TID. He wasn't a monumental or amazing character, but he was funny and he added depth when necessary.

I see none of that in TMI's Magnus.

This older Magnus is goofy, sarcastic in a rather corny manner, and really doesn't add much except another "adult" and emergency "oh no, the word is ending, we need Magnus!" help.

um...if there was ever a quote that captured the essence of what I think Magnus looks like, this would be it. 

So yeah. I know that TID was set in the Victorian era, and TMI is modern, but I don't think he needed to change that much. That was a bit infuriating.

Rant Three: the Plot


Thinking about it, there wasn't much wrong with the plot. There were a few convienent coincidents, and few unnecessary scenes (heh-hem. Making out? Incest? Magnus and Alek--do they even add ANYTHING to the plot? Really?) It just felt a bit...wandering to me. It felt loose, and not well-organized. But that may just be me.

Rant Four: Simon.




He died. Then came back. Then died. Then came back again. Then was supposed to die. But didn't.

what the heck.

Simon is probably my favorite character. He is a sassmaster, and he somehow manages to keep up with the Shadowhunters as a mundane. But he's not a mundane any more.

I think I'm going to miss having a bumbling mundie in the gang...

Also--he was dating Clary in this book. Since I'm not fond of Clary much, that made me sad. But I was so proud of him in the epilogue. So stinkin' proud.

Simon rocks. Let's leave it at that. 

Okay, I'm finished. *wipes sweat off brow* Hopefully, that wasn't too much nitpicking. But it was what was on my mine all day, and I had to get it out on paper.

TMI is not my favorite series. Pretty okay. Pretty meh. But I guess it's worth reading through once.

City of Bones is coming out as a movie in a week or so, and I'm curious to see how it is. It could be a tolerable movie, or it could be completely awful. We'll see.

Plus, Jamie Campbell Bower looks and acts exactly like I imagine Jace.

Now if only they'd make movies of TID. That would be awesome.

(my rating for TMI is 3.5 stars. City of Ashes: 2.5 stars) 


  1. I was in a Barns and Nobel today, and I walked through the Teen Fiction section. (Why do all the teen fiction book covers look ridiculously gross, creepy, or just plain strange??)
    I picked up one of the Mortal Instruments books because I saw you and a few other people mention it in random places.

    ...annnnnnd then put it back down.
    It makes me mad that all of these books have to have questionable stuff just splashed throughout. It like---I want to read more stuff, but every time I pick up a new book, I'm afraid that there's gonna be something that's just plainly NOT GOOD (and really awkward) to page through.

    However, I know there are some really awesome and good books to read out there too...just sometimes it's harder to find them in big bookstores that blast all the latest and greatest covers all over the place.

    But you say the Scorpio Races are good reads? Perhaps I'll snoop into those. I'm about done with the Potter books, and I've loads and loads of bookstore credit I need to spend... :D

    1. I totally get what you're saying, K-minty. That's why I spend a good portion of my time in the "kids" section of the library. The stuff you find there is less likely to be as nasty and awkward...most of the time. Also, older books. I love those, especially Rosemary Sutcliff and Noel Streatfield. Good authors.

      Scorpio Races is good. There are a few instances of swearing (most it's mostly British, if I remember correctly). Compared to The Mortal Instruments, it's MUUUUUUUCH better. So I'd recommend checking it out. ;) Plus, it's about horses. XD

  2. I've read reviews all over about how great these books are, but I've never been able to get through them. I tried the first one but put it away after the first page, they just don't grab me. Though, I want to read The Clockwork series, because it is Steampunk, I'm just not sure I'll ever get to it. (Not that I'm trying to say anything significant about people reading them, their just not the kind of books I enjoy so I never have. I might be naughty and just skip them and watch the movie. *Hundreds of readers gasping in horrifying pain.* I did that with The Hunger Games and plan to do it with Ender's Game.)

    But, I will say, the covers are VERY cool!! I love the covers.

    Also, I am like you, I like kid's books more 8-D

    1. The Clockwork series is my favorite. TMI is moderately okay, but I really liked the the Infernal Devices best (probably because I read it first). The movie...I probably won't go see it in theatres, but maybe I'll rent it when it comes out on Redbox.

      YESH! The covers are pretty amazing! :D

      OOOOOoooooh, you need to read Ender's Game. I love that book. One of my favorites. Can't wait for the movie to come out (though my family members are depressing me by saying that it's going to be completely different than the book. *sigh* I can always dream...)

    2. Infernal Devices seems to be the most popular, it is the one I hear talked about the most.

      That is the trouble with movies based on books, there is so much that is changed. I've noticed it isn't as bad now as it used to be, directors are starting to be nicer to fans and keep in a lot of the book things, but still.

      (In reply to your comment.)
      Like you, I liked how nicely everything was wrapped up in the Emperor of Nihon-Ja, it was a nice ending. (Have you read The Lost Stories? That wrapped them up even better, you should try and find it if you haven't read it yet.) But, also like you, I will never ever complain about having a new book with Will and Halt in it. And The Royal Ranger looks soooo good! Kind of like the first adventures, which I loved the best.

    3. yes, I love the Lost Stories! It was like I got everything I wanted to finish to the story, wrapped up in pretty paper and a perfectly tied bow on top. :) I really can't wait for The Royal Ranger to come out!


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