...case in point...

{i found an old draft post from my old blog, and it made me laugh. My actual book reviews are coming tomorrow. But until then...}

My opinion on how guys hair should look has been completely destroyed by anime and manga.

lovely as ever...Sokka!
oh look, another anime Hauk lookalike. This is beginning to get annoying...
The cat ears make Kyo even more attractive... :P
whoops...that's actually a girl...honestly, you can hardly tell the difference, sometimes...
As I said, case in point. Reality has been shattered.


  1. Ahhh...anime hair. Nothing beats! :D

  2. Not to mention Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass and Fujimoto from Kobato. Ahhhh, anime boys <3

    1. how on earth did I forget Lelouch?!?!? It's been too long since I watched Code Geass... never seen the other one, tho. :)


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