...boy, I know you're dangerous...

 this person. her. Christina Grimmie. She makes me smile. A lot.

my first exposure to Christina was a cover of Just a Dream with Sam Tsui, herself, and Kurt Hugo Schneider (which you can watch here). Not only did that lead me into being obsessed with Kurt and Sam, but I definitely became a part of Team Grimmie after that.

I don't know what it is about her music, but it just makes me happy. Real happy. Her album, With Love, rivals twenty one pilots' Vessel as the most played album on my iPod. When I was fed up with everything, I turned her on, and I couldn't help but smile at her upbeat and classy music.

ummm...yeah. This. Tell My Momma is and always will be one of my favorite songs from With Love, and for multiple reasons. A.) it shows off Christina's voice perfectly. To quote that lady from the beginning, she does indeed have a set of pipes. It's deep and powerful and beautiful all at the same time, without being overwhelming or anything. I don't know if there is anyone who can listen to Christina sing and not wish at least a tiny bit to sound like her.

B.) This song is so bouncy and perky that from the moment I heard it, I immediately wanted to get up and dance. If I'm cleaning my room, this is the song I play, because it makes me want to move. If I'm out and about and listening to my music, I have to skip past this one, because apparently some people don't appreciate teenaged girls dancing through store aisles to music only they can hear. Weird, I know...

Aaaand lastly but not leastly (or however you say it...), I am of the personal opinion that the music video is rather amazing. Now, when I first watched the video, I was very much confused. I really didn't think that the song matched the video all that well. It felt choppy, like it didn't mesh. But then, after rewatching it a few more times, I realized that, although the video didn't match the one that I had imagined, it very much suited Christina's personality. I follow Christina on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and through all those places, I've learned what an incredible and amazing person she is, not to mention that she is very funny. She's random and crazy in all the right ways, and I laugh every time she posts something, because I could see myself doing the very same thing. She is easily one of my favorite musicians--not just because of music, but because of herself as a person.

One of my dreams would be to be able to see her perform in concert...she was in KC earlier this month, but she was performing with Selena Gomez, and yeah...I'll wait until she's performing with someone that I actually enjoy listening to. I think it'll be more enjoyable that way. :)

what's your favorite Christina Grimmie song? Or is this your first time hearing about her?  Lemme know, down below (that rhymed...)



  1. I love her too. Like her voice just kills me. Her power.....Oh my gosh. So amazing.
    I love when she covered "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz (is that how you spell it?) and the Just a Dream one. (I found Kurt through her! win win!).
    She's a talented girl....And she backcombs her hair to submission.....Haha, another win. lol.

  2. Another Christina fan!! WOOHOOOO!!!! O.O


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