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so I said I had something special to do on Mondays. I looked forward to doing this all weekend and had to force myself not to work ahead and ruin all my Monday fun. Among other things, I went quizzing (and did pretty decent, despite being sick...), saw Thor 2: THEDAR (as my ticket said...figure it out on your own...), and decided that staying up lat is something that I just can't give up (I've come a long way from the little girl who couldn't keep her eyes open past 9 pm...) I could go on, but that would mean that by the time I finished writing and publishing this post, it probably wouldn't be Monday anymore.

so let's get going.

I've done several music-related posts on this blog before (and a TON on my old blog), but they were all haphazard and random. Music is a gigantic part of my lifestyle, and I would like to talk about it more often. Like, waaaaay more often. So, because I like alliteration, and because I'm not at all original, I present you with...

heh. muzak. I'm such a dork.

it seems fitting to start out my music reviewing (can you review music? that sounds weird...) with my current, absolute favorite song. My music taste has changed drastically over the years, but I've been listening to this song since it was still summer, and I have yet to "get over it," which is unusual for me. A song is usually only a favorite of mine for a matter of weeks, and then I move on. Not in case with Brave.

my first encounter with this song was just surfing YouTube, looking for entertaining multi-fandom videos, seeing if I could find a new fandom to join in my spare time. I stumbled upon this "gem" of a video (it really made me realize how many fandoms I am already apart of, lol...)

now, this is a very strange, nondescript video. In most situations, I probably would've watched for about a minute into it, and then went and watched something else. But no... not with this one.

the moment Sara Bareilles started singing, I was hooked. The music, the lyrics, everything about this song latched onto me, and I didn't want it to let go. Guys, this song literally made me almost start crying. It was one of those moments I felt overwhelmed that this singer had put exactly what I was going through into the words that I couldn't find. It was an incredible feeling.

I then went and searched for her music video--and oddly enough, didn't find it my first time. I instead found the lyric video, and completely fell in love with its cuteness.

yup. cuteness overload.

the lyrics of this song really changed my life. I was going through a stage where I thought that if I kept what I was thinking inside me, it would hurt less. People--family members, acquaintances, once close friends--had done things to hurt me, and I wasn't sure how to express those feelings appropriately. So instead of sharing them directly with the people around me who were (I am sure) willing to listen, I kept them bottled up inside of me. And that's pretty much just like eating glass. You keep swallowing back all these painful feelings, letting them simmer within you, cutting your insides into smithereens.

and no one knows what's going on because you can't tell them.

this song helped me understand that, although it's bloody hard to open up, to say what you're thinking and feeling, and that you may feel unprotected at the time, you need to do it. Because if you aren't going to, who is? So say what you want to say. I want to see how big your brave is.

let your words be anything but empty.

It's an amazing song, with an amazing message, in my humble opinion. And I think I shall always love it. When I need to jam, this is what I listen to. When I need to relax, this is what I listen to. When I need to cry, this is what I listen to. this is my song.

Just recently, I finally found the music video and watched it. And although I didn't like it as much as I liked the lyric video and all it's cutesiness, it's still a pretty nice video.

 *kudos to you, Sara Bareilles, for encouraging people to randomly start dancing in public. I stand behind you 100%.*

to wrap things up, I just want to say that I hope this song encouraged you as much as it did me. Or if it didn't...well, stick around. Mayhap I can find another song for you to be inspired by. I have hoards of them, waiting to be "reviewed." (man, I really need to come up with another word for this...)

Next Monday, I'll be reviewing...well, actually, I don't know yet. I was going to be mischevious and give you a cunning little hint, but it's kinda hard to do that when you don't know what you are doing to begin with. Next week I'll try to be a little more prepared. :)

But until then, here's one more Sara Bareilles song for you to enjoy--she's quickly becoming one of my favorite singers. Hope you like it!

Bye!! :)


  1. At first I didn't really like this song all that much, but now I really do. I love the fact that it means so much to you. I have songs like that too. Songs that are so special to me that I can't really explain why they move me---and when I try, it just sounds lame and corny. I think that's what music is about. In fact, maybe that's what all art is about. It's supposed to make you feel.

    with love,


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