...oh the irony...

I'm beginning to think that my immune system reeeeeeeeaaaaalllllly loves to take vacations every two weeks or so and leave me with the misery that comes with winter-time colds. And I can so see it reclining in its lawn chair, laughing maniacally, while I suffer from sore throats and runny noses galore. Typical, immune system, typical.

I honestly don't mind being sick, because I don't really stop doing school and studying and stuff, I just get to do it at a much slower pace instead. Unfortunately, my cold came at a rather bad time this time, because not only am I doing NaNo (and writing coherent things usually involves these two things: a) having a brain, and b) being awake), but I also have a Bible Quizzing event coming up on this next Saturday. For which I would really love to be healthy, that way I don't totally bomb and drop in the standings (plus, who has a good time hanging out with friends when you feel terrible from a cold? It just doesn't happen.)

I felt like giving y'all an update on my NaNoWriMo progress. So far, I have 2,670 words of my 15,00 words written, and am feeling fairly happy with how it's going. There a few nit-picky details I would usually want to fix (Matt's not sounding exactly like I had thought he would...which isn't nescessarily bad...but just different), but I'm working on practice my patience/focusing skills and trying with all my might not to edit while writing.

it's very hard.

Currently, my least favorite character is Colt (at which I shockingly surprised. In my head, Colt was always my fave. But on paper...) but the bromance between him and Matt is quite honestly one of my favorite things I've ever written. I've noticed in my writing that the males tend to be the 'lone wolf' style, so having a duo like those two boys is entertaining. Colt's just annoying to get underneath Matt's skin, and Matt likes to mess with Colt in return. It's a win-win situation.

just picture them like Merlin and Arthur and you'd be about right

Most of the character development so far has landed on the two of them, which is ironic because the book starts out from Sam's point of view, then Matt's, and now they're switching back and forth in telling the story. I want to develop Sam more, but there is so much about her that you just don't know yet that I can't. Not without giving too much away. But you can definitely tell she's not going to let people walk all over her. Girl has got a backbone, and rightly so.

Another ironic thing is when I worked on writing today. Usually, my schedule looks something like this:
  • wake up at 5:45
  • go back to sleep
  • wake up again at 6:00
  • turn on laptop, check email, laze around until 6:45
  • shower, breakfast, and other sundry things
  • school
  • more studying
  • WRITE (for an hour at least)
  • finish school
and then I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want (and do more studying...because that's my life, pretty much...)

so I like to get my stuff done earlier rather than later. I also like to do it in one giant chunk, instead of writing little blurbs here and there.

the ironic part is that today, because of my slower schedule, that means I have tons of time to work on my "novel," right?



I spent most of my morning/early afternoon half-heartedly studying, catching up on TV shows, and browsing Pinterest. And texting my cousin about her disturbing dreams. (seriously, the girl has some twisted dreams...) And didn't actually sit down to write til about 4:30. And even then it took me guilt-tripping myself (is that even possible???) to get me to do it seriously, instead of just slapping a bunch of nonsensicality down on the page.

but I got 1,129 words done today. Which is, like, more than all of my former days combined.

so I was pretty proud of myself.

{hence this blogpost}

I'm going to try and do these up-date-y things ever few days or so (tomorrow won't be one, seeing as it's Thursday...which means what? *wiggles eyebrows maniacally*)

somehow...not as intimidating as I had intended...

Also, I'm thinking about doing something special on Mondays...thinking about it. Haven't decided yet. So we'll see. 

Mekana and I finally got around to naming my computer today. While tossing around names, the three best that came up were Bonso (my idea...she vetoed it), Artemis, and Leviathan (what were we thinking?) Obviously, we went with Artemis, and I am very happy with that name. As of the moment I finish writing this blogpost, I am going to search for an Artemis Fowl related wallpaper for my desktop. Wish me luck.

what have y'all  been up to lately? Any good books been read? I'm currently rereading the The Raven Boys, Insurgent, and I also decided to give The Fault In Our Stars another shot. Though when I read it the first time, I didn't really like it that much, certain things have changed in my family life that made it relate to me a bit more. So we'll see how it is on the second go.

I think I need to go make some more Chai tea with honey and cinnamon (I found a way I like to eat that nastily sweet stuff, yeah!!!) and maybe take some Advil. And sleep.

Yeah. Sleep sounds like a good idea.

Hope y'all are having a fantastic day!


  1. Ugh...immune systems. I'm sorry yours isn't treating you with much respect.

    ...wow...your early schedule makes me feel super lazy. I sleep in as much as I can whenever I can for as long as I can. Sadly, there are a few days in the week that I'm not allowed to do this. :( I don't even know what I'll do when I have to be a responsible human being. Eh. Troublesome.

    I like your NaNo updates. I like dem very much. They are motivating me. And sometimes me is hard to motivate.

    Also, your laptop name is fabulous. I haven't read those books yet though. The length of the series kinda puts me off, and I have so many other books to read...*head spinning*
    Right now I'm working through Uncle Tom's Cabin, Ender's Game, and rereading Jo's Boys. But after that I have The Dreamers (at least I think that's what it's called) and some random Steampunk thing that my dad got for me for free on his Kindle (yayyy! I haven't really gotten into steampunk yet, but I intend to), and a brand new store-bought lovely that I have high hopes for: The Alchemist (erk...which is part of a longish series).
    That is my bookshelf. But I hardly find the time to read even a chapter of any of them, since studying and procrastination take up so much dang time.

    *sighhhh* oh the laments of life. *roll eyes*


    Nice post, hope you feel better.


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