...that was an adventure...

well, on Wednesday, I hinted at perhaps picking up my old habit of doing I <3 Thursday's, seeing as I now can blog whenever I want. I had every intention of doing on yesterday, but a series of unfortunate events came between me in my blogging.

Exhibit A: The Furnace

at about 1:30 in the morning yesterday, my mother came into my room. Being the light sleeper that I am, I sat bolt upright and asked her what was going on. (Hello? Trying to sleep here?) She explained our furnace had stopped working, and the whole house was ice cold. Oh, I thought to myself, that explains why I was dreaming of the Artic... she then gave me a hideously scratchy hot pink and baby blue wool blanket and told me to go back to sleep. Easier said than done... needless to say, I slept in that day. Muuuuuuuuuuch later than 5:45.

Exhibit B: Artemis

I really should've thought more about naming my computer after a criminal mastermind. It should've been obvious to me that, by naming it Artemis, I'd be guaranteeing that my laptop was doing to develop a personality. Yesterday, I went to turn on my computer so I could do various things (among these things, blogging was on the list), but then something terrible happened.

Artemis wouldn't turn on properly. *cue heart attack*

I've had this computer for less than two weeks. To have it potentially break down with all my NaNo writing on it this soon was quite honestly terrifying. I spent my entire morning freaking out and trying to get it to cooperate. Finally, I managed to transfer my precious document files onto a memory stick and restore Artemis to factory condition. (mwahahahahahaha brain wipe!!!!) Luckily, that fixed whatever was the problem, and Artemis is functioning perfectly. But that definitely made my life a bit exciting.

And finally, Exhibit C...

Have I mentioned that there's a quiz on Saturday? A quiz for which, I do not exactly feel prepared? Yeah. That was also a big deal yesterday.

But now everything is back to normal (wait, what's normal...) and I can now do my I <3 Thursday...err, Friday.

i love eyes

eyes are one of the things that have always and always will fascinate me. Every eye is so different, what with colors, pattern, and shape...they're amazing. Even when I was in the childhood "I really don't like anything about myself" stage of life, I never hated my eyes. I like the unique brown speckly pattern, how they have the dark rims around the iris...yep, eyes are pretty much spectacular.

i love texting my cousin

we're crazy. It doesn't matter that she's 3 years older than me, and has a completely different life than I do...it just feels good to talk about weird and random stuff and be able to laugh at each other.

i love revisiting old book friends

on my up next to read list? Eragon, Behemoth, Legend, and if I find the time, LOTR. I miss my old friends.

i love movie soundtracks

while writing, I listen to either of these three things: the Iron Man 3 entire soundtrack, dubstep (meaning, the Glitch Mob...), or various kpop songs (blame my sister, people...she's addicted. It's a perfect background for writing tho, because I don't know any of the words, lol...) 

i love feeling artsy

today I have an irreisitable urge to create something. More so than usual. My computer chair's cover is peeling and cracked, so I may channel my inner creative person and create a new cover for it.

I love taking pictures of scenery

when I was in my early teens, I scoffed at photography (firstly because I thought it was silly, and secondly because I thought I would be terrible at it). But now, having gained some maturity, I really enjoy taking pictures of God's creation. So amazing.

what did you love about your Thursday? (or your Friday. Whatevs.) I'd love to know! :)


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