...ah, tea, you complete me...

I am a firm believer in Chai tea. My world would not be complete without it. Especially right now, when my room feels like it's in the sub-Artic. Maybe I should investigate a career of being an Eskimo.

Well, my "break" (read here: laziness) from NaNo is over, and my nose is to the grindstone once more. It was nice to have a few days off,  but towards the end of the week, ideas kept flooding in, and my creative side threatened to quit if  I didn't start writing again.

Creativity is such a petulant beast...

On my last post, I said that a the great ones and the general themed Muzak Monday was in the works. This time, I did not forget that today was Monday, like I did last week. *awkward turtle face* Sorry 'bout that...

Now, as I've mentioned, I listen to a variety of music while writing. Depending on my mood, I listen to a combination of movie soundtracks, Christian rock, some pop, kpop, and the occasional rap song. This group of songs is not necessarily what I listen to while writing, but rather the music I think of when thinking about this novel. It's quite the eclectic mix.

counting stars // onerepublic

all the rowboats // regina spektor

machine // exo-k

guns for hands // twenty one pilots

i don't need a soul // relient k

too beautiful // he is we

standing still // u-kiss

silhouette // owl city

watching over me // thousand foot krutch

with love // christina grimmie

trap // henry

i love you // avril lavigne

well, that was fun. I hadn't sat down and weeded out my playlist for a long time--now I have that insatiable urge to write more...which is not a bad thing. 

there are probably tons more songs that I will discover along the way, but for now, these are what makes the great ones and the general real to me. 

Because without music, we writers would probably be in a sorry state. It doesn't even bear thinking about. 



  1. I Luuuuurve it!! :D You have such an awesome taste is music...!
    Also, I'm diggin' ze new profile pic. Yousa lookin classssayyy. :P

    ...internet/pop culture lingo is really getting to me these days. I feel so grammarly rebelious now. Good night to you too.


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