...fabulous fifteen...

15 years ago today, something giant and life-changing happened to me. A person walked into my life (well, not literally) and I doubt that I would be the same girl that I am today if she hadn't showed up. And pretty much all I remember about that day is that it was cold.  Because I was like two.

That's right. Today, my baby sis turns a whopping fifteen years old. Man, is she old. And short. And since she doesn't read this blog, I can make as many short jokes I want to. ehehehehehehehehehehe..

In all honesty, Megan (or Mekana or Goose or EliMeg, as she is so often called) might be the best thing that ever happened to me.  When she was born, all she got was an ornery and obstinate ginger old sis, but I gained a cohort, someone to gang up with against our older brother, a partner in crime. She was so very different from me, and sometimes that caused tension between us, but I don't think I've ever truly been mad at Megan before. How could you ever be angry at someone who makes faces like this? 

Mekana's a bit like my guard-dog--if she sees me looking like my hypoglycemia is kicking in, she hurries to make sure I have something to eat and stays by my side, often clutching my arm. On days when I just can't get my mouth open to talk to the cashier or a clerk, she takes control and asks them for whatever we need. She takes care of me, and sometimes I swear she's physic. I hope I have the chance to be as good of a sister as she is to me. 

People have a hard time seeing around my somewhat brusque and sarcastic manner and assume that I don't have a great relationship with my sister. To the contrary, my sister is my best friend. If she left...I seriously don't know what I would do. What would you do if the person you can converse with only your eyebrows and fingers, who knows who it is that makes you giggle like an idiot, who has been there for you in thick and thin, suddenly disappeared from your life? I don't ever want to imagine that. 

Megan and I pretty much have our own private language. We share a YouTube account, so we watch all the same things, we used to share a Pinterest (until she finally got her own...), and we read the same books. Over and over and over. My parents swear they don't understand half of what we say these days--but we do. Every single word of it. And it's awesome. 

*A Simple Guide on How to Speak Sister-ese*

'ladies don't start fights...but they can finish them!'


'rave mode rave mode rave mode'


the amount of chicken/Onew jokes we make is rather sickening...



aaaaand we also make too many 'taemin-you're-adorbs-but-you-really-do-look-like-a-girl' jokes...

heh heh heh

pretty much anything from this makes its way into our conversation. Our parents think we're crazy. I hate to break it to them, but they're right. 

seriously guys. She asks me about once a day where my heart is. And I am obligated to reply with "In my big toe." 

we have a very dumb dog. His name is Bear. Apparently, if Bear were human, he'd sound a lot like this. 



I'm an INTJ. She's an ISFJ. Coincidence? I think not.

and lastly but not leastly (that's not even a word...) the video we've watched together the most. Of all time. 

sooooooo, in conclusion...

I love my sister a lot. I'm proud of the person who she's grown up to be, and I can't wait to see her become the woman that God has blueprinted in her from the start.  I hope we'll always stay this close, and I pray she never tires of hearing my lame jokes. 

Happy birthday, sis. You're the best.


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