the dark's not taking prisoners tonight

I fully intended to do a Muzak Monday yesterday. Truly, I did. But then I ended up sitting around a table reminiscing about fictional crushes with my brother and his wife until about 10 o'clock at night, and by the time I made the trek back was 11 o'clock. And I needed to sleep. So I have failed you all once again. But who says  you can only talk about music on Mondays? Tuesdays are just as good, in my humble opinion (though I do kinda like the alliteration aspect of things...)

my introduction to twenty one pilots was not exactly ordinary (but then what is ordinary when it comes to this band?) I was lucky enough to see them in concert, along with Imagine Dragons, Churchill, and two or three other bands that were a bit bizarre in my opinion. When I first looked them up (I figured I should know what the bands I was going to see sounded like...) I wasn't really sure what to think. I enjoyed the one song I heard, which was Car Radio, one of their more rap-based songs, but I wasn't sure a concert experience would entail--especially since I was going with one of my best friends--someone who was very in love with rap music--and my father--some who is very not in love with rap. (And yet they manage to get along...) I'm on the fence when it comes to rap--I like it, but I also like to be able to sing along with my music. And I definitely don't have a fast enough tongue to rap. Yeah. It's just not a good idea.

Well, we drove 3 hours and arrived at the concert, and it was hot and we were sweaty and we had to wait about 6 hours for Imagine Dragons to show up, but we had a pretty decent time, entertaining ourselves (i.e. goofing off with our phones and a pair of binoculars...we were probably the creepiest people watchers in the stadium...)


 And then twenty one pilots came on the stage.

and we no longer needed to entertain ourselves. We were entranced.

These guys are seriously talented. Some of my friends say they can't stand them, that "the music is too schizophrenic" for them, but I just love how much they do. As a pianist myself, I love the amount of piano they incorporate into the music. Their energy and passion lights up the stage, and their constant movement makes me tired just from watching them. Seriously. Never in my whole life have I ever seen someone leap off a speaker, dance while rapping on top of his piano, and run around across the stage like crazy. We didn't know any of the words, but we were singing along just the same. The imagery in the lyrics, as's more like poetry than music...

I can't really choose a favorite song by them--I love them all equally. The music videos, however...let's just say House of Gold was a bit of disappointment. I love love love that song (ukeleles for the win!), but the video was just plain disturbing and disgusting. So that made me sad. But pretty much any of their other videos are fantastic.

I really recommend you check this band out--even if you think you might not like them, give them a shot. I thought I wouldn't like them, but look at me now. I respect these two men as singers, and also just as ordinary everyday people. They're just plain amazing.

 {psst. And they're just as good live, too.}


  1. H! My name is Faith and I'm obsessed with Twenty One Pilots.
    Let's be friends.
    Okay? Okay.

    (Btw, your blog is awesome sauce. keep it up!)

    1. thank you! your encouragement brightened my day!

      Yay, another twenty one pilots fan! I don't know that many fans, so finding someone with common interest is fantastic! :)


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