"I don't know how I know, I just know that I know, you know?"

why is it that every time I sit down to blog, all the ideas I've had nibbling around my mind just magically disappear? Explain that to me.

*sigh* it's one of the many unanswered mysteries of life, I guess. Right up there with "Why do people actually like Peeps?" and "How the heck do Tyler Joseph and T.O.P rap so freaking fast?" I guess I'll never know.

You can't really call what I have writer's block. Oh, I can write. I have been writing. It's just the wrong kind of writing. Essays? You bet. Poetry analysis? We can do that. But ask me to blog? Journal? Just plain write?

my face, pretty much.
Nope. Nada. Not even happening.

I suppose I'm a fortunate person...I haven't officially had a block on my writing for a while now. I was able to grind out at least a chapters worth in on a slow week, and even more on weeks when I could feel inspiration flowing. I've almost forgotten what this terrible disease--yes, disease--feels like.

tis very frustrating.

But on the bright side, while my writing has been out of the comission, I've been able to read a bit more--though I'm almost regretting my current book choice. Please, fluffy Christian teen novel, couldn't you have a warning label? Something along the lines of: "If saccharine sweetness turns your stomach, beware..." Yeah...I'll go back to my Death Note and Ender's Shadow, thank you very much.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Souzimiya, VIXX MTV Diary, and Sherlock have been keeping me company over the past week. I really appreciate the amount of laughter with which they have provided me.

Also, the thing that has managed to give me the most feels today? The Fault in Our Stars trailer came out today. Need I say more?

I've also been able to get a LOT of school done in the past few days. I never want to hear mention of postulates, theorems, and hypotheses ever again. If I have to conjugate yet another Korean verb, I may cry. And please please PLEASE do not ask me to go hunting for symbolic references in someone elses beautiful writing. It just isn't worth it.

The sad truth is that I'm getting bored of just having my characters walk and talk around in my mind. It's getting crowded up in there, but I just can't get their actions out onto the page. Everything I write seems to be mechanic and forced.

Guess the only thing to do is to be patient and wait for the faucet to be turned back on.


  1. TOP<3<3<3<3

    and seriously the Fault In Our Stars trailer made me cry. I cannot wait to see that movie!!!

    1. oooooh another person who is a TOP fan. :D Yay!!!! :)

  2. That is why whenever you have an idea write it down. Get a tiny little notebook and a small pencil and keep them in your pocket all the time.

    1. heh...I've tried doing this before...it's not necessarily that I come up with ideas and then forget them later, it's more of when I try putting it out on page...it stinks (to my critical eyes, that is).

  3. Merp. We all feel for you down here in the hole of creative writerness. Sometimes you just gotta give yourself a break. :) Waita go with the schoolwork though...I wish I could say the same...:/ that geometry is playing tricks on me. -_-

    1. geometry is eeeeeeeeeevil... -_-


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