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so apparently, there's this term called 'shelfies' going around. Shelfies. Really?

Okay, so the name does make me giggle. A bit. I guess there's not much you can call else you can call a picture of your book collections. But still. A bit of creativity, please? Just a bit?

Yesterday was Monday, which usually means a music post. But unfortunately, I happen to have a bit of a sore throat/cold combo (which I am praying isn't strep throat...) and didn't do much of anything yesterday. I pretty much attempted to study and do school, slept, watched some of Season 3 Sherlock (AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) and read all day.

You hear that, people? I read.

Do you know how long it's been since I sat down and read a book in a day? Ages. It took me months to finish Allegiant, and let's not even talk about the Dream Thieves (...well...actually, we are going to talk about them, here in a bit...) It felt amazing to curl up with my tea and a warm blanket and just read. I've really missed doing that. I intend to start doing it more often, if life permits.

Stargirl and its sequel Love, Stargirl are the two books I completed yesterday. I picked them up at the library on a whim, having heard that this author was fairly decent. It was definitely a good idea. I loved Leo's narration in the first book, introducing us all to the wild and free Stargirl. It was a really cute and sweet story of two high school kids, and it made me smile more than a few times. The second book was equally good--Stargirl's zany letter/diary narrative really drew me into the story. Once I picked it up, I didn't want to put it down (curse you, o book without actual chapter markings. why do you do this to me? it's not fair.) This morning, I handed the books to my sister, telling her to read them as soon as possible. Stargirl reminds me a lot of her--her randomness and unique way of thinking match Stargirl's in an uncanny way. (also, I think Mekana was excited to get such a cutesy book from me...usually my reading recommendations either gross her out or make her cry. Let's see how this one goes.)

Another book that I reread over the past week was Ender's Game. Still just as good the second time through. Still just as amazing after seeing the movie. Still giving me happy, tormented, wonderful feels. Still one of my all time favorite books. (feel threatened, Goliath. Ender's coming for you.) I really really cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD. That is one movie that I will rewatch and rewatch and rewatch and never get tired of. Suuuuuuuuch a good story. If you have not read it, go get it and start reading. Now. If you don't...well, you and I will need to have a talk, then.

Ah, Dream Thieves, Dream Thieves. What do I have to say to you? I didn't think you could surpass the Raven Boys in weirdness. I was wrong. I was also wrong in assume that things would make more sense as the series progressed. Yeah...still just as confused. You really disappointed me in how much language you contained...really? Was all that necessary? I understand that the story revolved mainly around Ronan, who is renown for his...ahem...colorful language, but even so...that was part of the reason why it took so long for me to finish you. That and the whole Kavinsky thing. Yeah. He was definitely part of the reason why I almost threw the book across the room in frustration. But at least I finished you. And I'm still looking forward to Book 3 (albeit with a little trepidation in my eyes.)

 I read Monster a while ago, but I started rereading it today, and man...I still really like this book. Not only is it an interesting and fascinating book, but since it's written by a fellow blogger (check out her blog here ) it's encouraging to know that someone in a similar situation as myself has written and published a book like this. The moment I finished it, I rushed to my computer, determined to pound out my wordcount for the day. If she could do this and succeed, couldn't I? I fell in love with Mir and Eva and June and Pocky...I just can't say enough about Pocky. He makes me laugh. A lot.

Next on my reading list? Honestly, I don't know. My new copy of Ender's Shadow tempts me...but so does this mysterious book called the Daedalus Incident that my dad loaned me the other day. Or I could go back and reread one of the old classics--To Kill A Mockingbird? Leviathan? After the Dancing Days? Brisingr? *sigh* there are just too many choices...too many books to read, not enough time.

My blogging should return to schedule within the week, if this nastiness turns out to be something besides strep...but until then, hold your breath! (well, not literally. Because then you'd pass out. Passing out's not fun. So don't hold your breath. Just be patient. That's what I'm saying. But you already knew that. Okay. I'll shut up now.)

Until then, keep healthy, keep reading, and keep being awesome! Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments on my last post. They really made my day.

Oh, and on next Muzak Monday, we will be having a guest blogger! *wiggles eyebrows* now who might that be? 


  1. Guest blogger?? Oh the suspense is killlllinnnggg meeeeee...!

    Sighhh...I don't really "read" much anymore. I bulldoze through my biology book, I halfheartedly listen to an audiobook rendition of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and I skim through my history text. Eugh. It's sad. Over Christmas break I tried to read a completely new book that I hoped would be fun and easy to get into...but I can't read now without falling asleep or getting distracted.
    ...Come to think of it, I have a hard time doing anything without falling asleep or getting distracted. >_<

    Hm. Maybe I need a bedtime.


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