{snippets} the general and the heart

I slap a hand over his mouth. "Hush, babo. Did you drop your brain when you woke up this morning? Your words are all scrambled."
"I'm serious, Leyana," he says, pouting a little. "Da told me: the king rolled over and died, like a dog."
"You do not refer to the king as a dog," I reprimand.
He scratches behind his ear. "Wasn't his name Mongrel? Why can't I call him a dog? He's dead, anyhow."
"Mongra, you babo. King Mongra." I roll my eyes and brush his hair out of his face. "And it's disrespectful, that's why. Would you like me to call you a chicken everyday?"
"You call me 'babo' more than you say my real name."
"That's not the same."

 the Chroi
The moment he was near enough to shout at without waking the civilians, I shoved the keys toward his face. “Do you know why people use these?”
Colt turned into an unsuspecting and very stupid deer. “Huh?”
“To lock things,” I continued, not paying attention to him. “To keep their belongings safe. Definition of a key: a small piece of shaped metal with incisions cut to fit the wards—”
“Ok, I get you’re mad at me, dude…but cease with the dictionary, will you?” He took the keys from me. “Did I forget to lock the car? I do that sometimes.”
I scowled at him. “I don’t know, did you? The door only opened immediately after I pulled on it. I’d said that’s pretty unlocked.”

 the great ones and the general

“That’s right!” She hit her palm with a fist. “Twins—Matthew and Jonathan. You’re…Matthew, right?” she looked to Colt for confirmation. He barely moved as he nodded. “So where’s your brother?”
Where’s your brother, Matthew. Where’s Jonathan.
Game over.
 the great ones and the general 


"What do you mean the milk's soured? Usually milk doesn't sour in a time-frozen continuum."
 "Well, now it does." 
"Blast these humans and their clumsiness..."

the Chroi

 “Stop that,” he finally said.
I jumped, having thought he was asleep still. “Stop what?” I stammered.
“Caressing my car.” He pulled his jacket tight around him and leaned the seat back a little. “I feel like she’s cheating on me with you.”

 the great ones and the general

He elbowed me again. I was going to have to switch seats. That side was getting a bit tender, I realized with a wince. “Thanks,” he said, in typical Colt fashion.
I sighed. “For what?”
“For letting them stay with us until Brixton. It would’ve been Mongolian to send them back to a place where they wouldn’t be taken care of.”
“You know what I mean…”
“Umm, no, I don’t." I took a shot in the dark. "Barbarian?”
“Yeah, that.”

the great ones and the general

  Really, Leyana. You can do better than this. Lady Neenah would be ashamed of you.
I shake my head. No, Lady Neenah wouldn't be like that. She would smile at me sadly and tell me I did a good job, even if I didn't.
I would be the one ashamed of myself. 

 the Chroi 

I opened my mouth to correct his word misuse, but before I could even start, from the backseat, she said, “If your stomach was literally dying, you’d probably have stomach cancer. Which I doubt is the case.”
 Colt stared at me, mouth hanging open. “Dude. Did you tell her to say that?”
“No.” I didn’t know whether to feel amused or miffed that she’d stolen my line.

   the great ones and the general

"Den!" I hiss, yanking my skirts out from under me and dusting myself off. "What were you doing there?"
"Watching you," he says.
I smack him on the ear.
"Not like that," he grumbles, pulling away from me. "I was watching you cos you've been acting funny all day."
"Have not."
"Have too." He grins at me. "You dumped water all over your front when you were drawing from the well. You didn't blush when Michael Sweer said hello to you this afternoon. And you forgot to make me supper."
"Oh. Sorry about that. Michael said hello to me? When?" My heartbeat accelerates.
He winks at me. "I made that bit up."
I smack him again.
He rubs his ear, scowling up at me with a funny scrunch in his nose. "You really need to stop doing that...it's getting to be a habit."

the Chroi

“You know,” she said with a smirk, “I think Matt has an attention disorder. Every time you and I get chatty, he turns into a smart alack.”
Colt laughed, and the truck swerved a little on the road. My knuckles whitened on the door handle. “Trust me,” he said, “he’s always a smart alack.”

 the great ones and the general
“You’ve got to quit being like this, Matthew. Jon’s gone. Your clamming up about him is not going to change anything. You can talk about it.”
“Correction,” I snapped, “you can talk about it. Obviously you weren’t as close as I thought you were. I’m his brother—the closest person to him. Ever. If you can talk about it like it’s already over and gone, fine. But don’t you dare think you can make me be like you. I haven’t forgotten yet. Not like you.” 


  1. Oh, wow, this stuff sounds good! And the last part looks so sad... :(

  2. Now I want to read all your books. A lot.


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