warning: gif overload

why hello there.
 I'm having a bit of gif-fetish right now. I'm sorry.

I'm in a pretty good mood right now.
feeling a bit like a boss.
also feeling a bit like bouncing on beds.
 hey, it's the end of a long week. I do what I want.

have I mentioned lately that I want a kitten?

wait, was that David Tennant two gifs up?

Fullmetal Alchemist.  *heavy pause* FullMETAL Alchemist.
*nuff said*

me and my friends, pretty much. 

heheheheheheheh...I wish I could do this to people sometimes...

Oh look, more FMA.

please. I don't have an anime obsession.

okay, so maybe I do...

 oh look, another obsession...

oh dear...ehehehehehe... :)

I miss these two.
also these two.
wha...I don't even know...
 probably what ya'll are thinking, reading this post...

yup. All hope for my sanity has fled.

hey, at least I'm having fun.
why are all my SHINee gifs somehow MEXICAN related????????
also, Taemin, I get you man. Me wants taco too...
I just wanna fight giant aliens. Is that too much to ask?

though not you, Mr. Do Minjoon. You I consider a nice little alien being.
*vows never to sing any other version of this song ever again* 

where the heck do I find all these gifs... 
ok, I'm done. 

Hope you all have an AMAZING Valentine's Day. 



  1. Replies
    1. yeaaaaahhh...now that I'm thinking about it, blogging while having only slept about 4 hours last night wasn't the smartest idea of mine... Apologies for the ADDness and the nonsensicality. :P

  2. Actually I do think being tall is everything thank you very much.

    1. ...I imagine I would think so too, if I were as tall as you are...

      unfortunately, that is not the case. ;)

    2. ...but it makes buying pants complicated......sooooo...

  3. This made me smile. (Especially David Tennant with a kitten on his head.) Everyone needs a kitten. I am trying to convince my mum I need one. She just smiles and rolls her eyes


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