in which I venture into the great unknown

Today, for my music themed post, I'm touching a subject that I really don't know all that much about. I don't listen to it much, but if I'm in the right mood when I do, I enjoy it very much.

this particular type of music?


My family has never been very fond of rap, and I doubt that they ever will be. I remember the day when I first started listening to Lecrae off and on, and my father was like, "Ummmm...what are you listening to?" Even with twenty one pilots, none of us in our family really liked them until we saw their performance live--which, on a side note, I get to see again in less than a month. Wheeeeeeeee!!!! We're just not that big on rap, and that is totally okay.

However, there are several rappers/artists that I admire, just because of their amazing voices, music, and skillz (see, I spelled that with a z. I'm so hip.) Each one of these people are extremely different, but in my humble opinion, they are all very talented and amazing. And that's coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about rap. ^.^

My number one favorite rapper? *tsk* Did you even need to ask? (though, I'm not really sure if you did ask...) Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots will probably always be my favorite rapper. Though he and Josh Dunn do much much more than rap, they are my favorites when it comes to that. I remember listening to Car Radio on my computer and thinking, "Meh." and then watching him sing it live and thinking, "HOLY COW THIS IS KINDA FREAKIN' AWESOME." needless to say, my mind was rather blown that day.

Secondly, I don't think that in the Christian genre of music you can get away with talking about rap and not mention Lecrae. They probably send in people to beat you up or something. :) That being said, Lecrae is another artist who I occasionally listen to when I feel the need for some rap in my life. Not only is he an amazing musician, but I also find him an interesting role model and example of an incredible Christian.

now hang with me here. It may sound crazy, but we're switching over to singers from the other side of the globe. There are two people ( person and one group) from South Korea whose rap/music impresses me a lot. Korean is not easy. Not a lot of words rhyme or flow very well. To rap in Korean is something I could never do (well, not that I can even rap in English...) And these people do it quite well--at least, in my personal opinion.

okay, that video was weird. I'll give you that. Apparently it's symbolic, to which I say, "Ummm...sure...the creepy baby just confuses me..." but the song, the song. I love this song. I don't know why I do, but it fascinates me to no end. I try to sing along with it and I can't. How T.O.P's words come flying out that quickly, I have no idea.

a little less weird, huh? I only just started listening to B.A.P., and boy howdy do I enjoy the strength in their songs. Not all their songs are this intense, nor are they entirely made up of rapping, but they all have an energy that I really like. This and their song 1004 (Angel) are two of my favorite songs, currently (you can watch 1004 here if you like).

words cannot express how much I love this song. I downloaded this artist's album and every so often, when the mood strikes me, I listen to it. No matter how many times I listen to it, this song remains my favorite. Such a great song.

also another favorite song. I've been listening to this song since I was 13 or 14, and every time I go back and relisten to it, I fall in love with it all over again. Might have something to do with the fact that Trevor from TFK sings part of it. Yeah, that might be part of it. ^.^

So there you have it--me and my favorite rap artists/songs. What are some of yours? Or if you don't like or listen to rap, what is a genre of music that you only listen to when you're in the right mood? I'd love to know!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. I fistpumped and actually verbally said "YES!" when I read the word "rap" at the beginning. Also I totally called it when you said you were going out on a limb.

    Also hip hop has kinda gotten past the whole "z replaces s" thing lol. That was old a couple years back.

    I could literally recommend a new rap artist with multiple albums to listen to once every week for a year =P
    But I doubt you want that lol. I'm just obsessed

    1. you know me so well, lol. This post has actually been in the works for about a month, I finally had enough time to sit down and finish it today. :)

      Oh well. I guess I'm just a little slow on hip hop lingo (plus, I still kinda like putting z's on the ends of things...LOL).

      Oh, I'm sure you could. You probably have a list the length of your arm of rap artists. Maybe not once every week for a year, but every now and then, a recommendation would be nice. :)

      and yes. you are obsessed. XD

  2. All I read was "I get to go see Twenty One Pilots perform soon."

    I'm glaring in your general direction. ;)

    1. how I wish I could magically teleport you to Missouri so you could come with us...they're performing literally 15 minutes away from my home.

      And I definitely will be taking pictures again, so you can at least get your twenty one pilots fix partially. :)

    2. AHHHHHHHGGG THE JEALOUSY INCREASES. *dramatically swoons and falls off of bed in theatrical dismay*

      Oh well. If I were able to magically transport to a Pilots concert I'd probably drop dead from the sheer awesomeness that Tyler and Josh radiate, so it's probably for the best.

  3. i. love. twenty. one. pilots.

  4. Ugh, I so agree with you! My family isn't very fond of rap either, but if appropriate, I love it! Twenty One Pilots is at the top of my list too!
    I'll listen to the rest of these throughout the day, awesome post Ely!

    Lyndsey @

    1. thank you! glad to find another twenty one pilots fan! :)


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