over my various weekend car trips, I've been rediscovering just how much I truly love reading. Just the absolute peacefulness of it all--it's just me, my book, and the words upon the page. In three weeks, I've gone through about 5 books (which is sad, when you compare it to when I used to read a book a day...). I've been so busy with school and quizzing and life that it's been tough to sit down and read, but these few books...these were the ones that latched onto me right away and wouldn't let go until I finished them.

Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars was one of them.

As with most of the books that I fall in love with, reading the Pearl Wars was merely a whim as I walked past the library popular section. It looked futuristic and steampunkish, something that is right up my alley, so without thinking I tossed it into my ginormous black book back (trust me. It may look small, but that thing is huge. Bigger on the inside, or something.) It wasn't until about a week later that I actually had the time and desire to pick it up and start reading, but boy howdy, once I did start, I devoured this book without stopping.

What stood out to me about the Pearl Wars? First of all, the setting. Oh my gosh. I don't know why I loved the futuristic, sci-fi combined with a steampunk feel, but it felt very developed and strong. I saw my surroundings without trouble, and the realistic descriptive passages were scattered in amongst everything else perfectly. Secondly, the politics of things. Unlike some more political aimed books (ahem...I'm looking at you, Marie Lu's Prodigy), I didn't have to reread chapters or wade through things that quite honestly did not interest me. There is definitely quite a bit of political matter in the Pearl Wars, but not enough to be stifling. I liked the somewhat different political parties--instead of having your typical 'they're-bad-we're-good' government, you had the United Party, the Seperatists, your destitute Fringers, and I really loved that. Hats off to you, Nick James, for spicing things up a little.

Which brings me to my third favorite thing about this book.

Cassius Stevenson.

^^this is more accurate than I'd like to admit.

I like villains, okay? Especially when you take what's theirs away from them, confuse them, and make me want to hug them and tell them that it's going to okay. Plus, this guy's name is Cassius. Talk about awesome. (I have a thing for weird names too, I guess...) Cassius isn't exactly the main villain in the story, but I feel like he's the character who had the most development throughout the book. Did Jesse change that much? Nope. Madame surely didn't, and Avery switched sides, but Cassius' change felt a heck of a load more realistic than hers did. Twas a beautiful thing.

Yup. Time to add Cassius Stevenson to my list of fictional crushes. Not afraid to own up to it.

The only problem I had with the Pearl Wars is this: I saw the ending coming from a mile away.

Now, this may just be me. My sister read the book the day after I finished it (I repeat: the day. Guess who has a little more time on her hands?) and when I asked her if she'd been frustrated by the obvious plot, she gave me a confused look and said, "The plot was obvious?" (to which I nearly pulled my hair out by its roots and shouted "Their freaking powers showed up when they met for the first time and they're 'mysteriously tied together somehow.' How is that not obvious????")

However obvious the plot might be, I still enjoyed it--though I did keep wondering if the author was trying to trick me and suddenly have a unexpected plot twist at the very end, but was not to be. I picked up books 2 and 3 at the library today, and am already a good portion through Crimson Rising.

The fact that the guy on the cover looks a bit like Matt Smith is bugging me.

{side note}
if you're curious as to the other books that I've read recently, here's a list. Enjoy!
  • Flipped, by Wendelin Van Draanen
  • The Light, by James MacHale
  • Champion, by Marie Lu
  • Cinder, by Marissa Meyer
Have a good Wednesday, everybody! God bless! 


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