absent without leave

hi there.

how's your day been?

mine's been kinda crazy--not in a bad way, just in a busy way.

Veeeeeery busy.

So I've kinda been epically failing at doing my music posts. I am very sorry for that. I'm even more sorry because I probably will fail once again this upcoming Monday, because I will have just gotten back from Minneapolis and will be recovering from lack of sleep and Post-Nationals-Depression and fun stuff like that. So I probably won't be blogging until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week at least.

But to make it up to y'all, I finally forced myself into my computer chair and started this post.

And I'm going to talk about music.

Specifically, music sung by women singers.

Now, I don't know about others, but the majority of artists in my music collection are predominately male. Exceptions are: Britt Nicole, Addison Road, Fireflight, He is We, Spica, Hilary Duff (please don't judge. We were all thirteen at one point in our lives, and sometimes we make decisions that we end up regretting), Lim Kim, and Christina Grimmie. But out of the odd 300 songs I have on my iPhone, maybe 20-30 songs are sung by women.

I don't know why this is (I've actually had several different conversations about this subject with multiple friends, and each time, we come up with another reason for it), and I know that there are other amazing female artists, but I just can't seem to find many ultimate favourite artists that fall into my music style or that I like in general.


as with all things, there are exceptions.

Behold, these 4 amazingly talented ladies.

Rachel Taylor. Love her goofiness. Love her voice. She was the singer (and is now the only member) of the group He Is We--I was sad when her partner left the band, but I was very very glad Rachel stayed.

Why I like Rachel's music: part of it is the type of music she sings. Some of her songs are peppy and bouncy, while others (although still about relationships...) are softer and more thoughtprovoking, and yet they still have the same 'He Is We' quality. I can guarantee you--if a He Is We song comes on the radio, I instantly know it's them. Maybe it's the rather soft and breathy way Rachel sings, but there is a very distinct tone to their music. And I love them for it.

My second favourite is Tessa Violet--we all know her as the blogger Meekakitty (and if you don't, go fix that right away), but she recently released an album of her songs, and somewhat to my surprise, I really liked it. I would never have pegged out Tessa as a singer, but she did a phenomenal job, and her songs are constantly getting stuck in my head. Plus--she uses a ukelele. That's gotta be cool.

Now this third singer is a little different than the others. The other three are all solo artists, whilst Hayley Williams is the lead singer of popular band Paramore. I admire Hayley for three reasons--her crazy awesome hair, her character (while I don't agree with all of the things she does/says, I think she is one of those people who know what they feel is right in their hearts and are not afraid to say it), and her grungy voice. Paramore has always been a favourite of mine, and to this day, Crushcrushcrush is one of my top songs.

Last but definitely not least, we have the incomparable Ms. Christina Grimmie. Why? Because she's Christina Grimmie. This girl can sing. Every single time one of her songs starts playing through my speakers, I'm a bit in awe (and I also wish I could even sing an eeensy weeensy bit as amazingly as she can, but that's beside the point). Her happy songs make you want to get up and dance, and her more serious songs are almost heart-breakingly beautiful.

so that's that, I guess. My 4 favourite female artists. What about you--can you recommend me a singer? Do you have some of the same favourites as I do? Lemme know below!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!! *waves while running off to pack for Minneapolis*


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