in the end...

in the end what's important?  the standings? the points? the trophy? the verses? the team?

the standings never really mattered; it's all from your perspective of what is "good" any way.

the points are irrelevant. the moment the quiz is over, they never come back. you can't use them to make a friend stop crying and smile. you can't make someone laugh so hard their stomach hurts after telling them your point average. you can't go out and change the world using an 830 point quiz.

the trophy is the biggest irony; why did we give such value to an unimportant piece of red plastic? I count 5 of these, sitting on my desk, and I look at them without any attachment or emotional value. the gold paint is dull and chipping away. the newest addition already has a scratch. I have no value in these things.

the verses and the team almost are the most important, but not quite. I tuck away hundred after hundreds of verses every year, but what good do they do if I let them sit in the back of my mind, never to be used again? like the trophies, they get dull and tarnished, and their value diminishes unless I put them to use. the team kept me going--we united, we struggled, we laughed, we cried--but what good is it if afterwards, we don't keep up with each other? what happens if we each go back to our merry own ways, back to our regular teammates and friends, back to what we welcome as "comfortable"? what happens then?

the most important thing is none of these.

the most important thing is the memories.

the laughter.

the inside jokes.

the late night talks.

the stupidity.

the tears.

the silly faces made from across a crowded room.

the new friendships.

the kinsmen-ship.

all these things matter and should never ever fade away into oblivion.

I'm never forgetting any of these things.



  1. Memories are the best things to hold on to. (Well, and using verses learned.) Always keep happy memories.

  2. Hey! The memories are beautiful and will wake you up in the morning years after you thought they had faded. And I expect this year's memories will do that for me, too. Don't worry about the verses too much--using them is important, yes. But I'm continually finding that they started working the moment I first read them. They will probably come to mind and help you at various points in the future, but the truth is they've already helped you, every time you quoted them.

  3. Love it. Great thoughts and perspective, Ely girl.


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