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I am literally putting myself in the proverbial line of fire for this post.

As it may have been previously stated on this blog, I listen to kpop. I never imagined that I'd get into this genre of music, but mentoring two South Korean girls and wanting to know more about their culture kind of got me here. I blame/thank you, Helena and Iris.

Kpop is not every person's cup of tea. I believe this one hundred percent. I also would never force someone to like kpop--in fact, the only person I've ever said "YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!" is my little sister, and I'm allowed to say that because I'm older and I can tell her to do things. :) However, that doesn't mean that I'm not ever going to share my love of kpop with others. Gently is the way to go, in my humble opinion. So be warned: there be kpop ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

First song on this list has to my one and only absolute favourite song....but the thing is, it is also the one and only absolute song whose name I hate. Mekana and I call it "The Unspeakable Song," which probably has our parents a little worried...nothing wrong here, parents--just some terrible spelling. Even the album name is facepalm-worthy--but it's a good song and a fun one to dance to while doing the dishes when you're the only two at home.

Second is Breathe, by Miss A. Miss A is probably my all-time favourite female group, and I love pretty much all their songs, especially Breathe. I actually listen to this song a lot when I work out (which I find a bit ironic since that's usually when I'm saying to myself "Breathe!! Breathe!!") Breathe has that peppy, "skip to your step" kind of sound to it, and that's what I love about kpop--it's tends to be really bouncy, and it helps cheer me up on my off days.

Third in line is UKISS with Standing Still. UKISS (despite their...umm...interesting name) is one of my favourite groups, partially because Kevin, one of the members, is a professing Christian. In fact, he is one of the few Christian kpop stars out there, I believe (most are Buddhist or atheists or just not religious). Standing Still is another one of those songs that gets stuck in my head, and it's also a fun one to look up the lyrics to...because they don't exactly make much sense.

Fourthly we have Goodbye 20, by Lim Kim. I've posted other songs by Lim Kim on some of my writing playlist posts, but this song is my absolute favourite, despite there being an unfortunate swear word in there (bleeped out in the music video, thankfully...because duh--it's South Korea.) The song is peppy, but the lyrics are kind whistfully sad, and I really love that contrast. Apparently, this artist is being billed as the South Korean Taylor Swift, which I can kind of see, a little.

Next is Jaejoong's Mine. If I ever hear people say "kpop has only songs about love and relationships and stuff" this is the song that I direct them to. There's a lot of discussion over the meaning of this awesome song--does it have to do with the singer's rough history in the singing industry or some other context?--but I really just love the nitty-gritty feel to the music. More of k-rock than kpop, but it still falls under that category. 

And my last (but most definitely NOT least) comes from Megan and I's all time favourite group (though technically they're still tied with SHINee, but we won't go there): VIXX. I actually think I liked VIXX more for the personalities of the band members and just how crazy (read here: stupid) they are, and the music just kinda grew on me. But needless to say, I enjoy their music a lot, and any time a VIXX song comes on the radio or my iPod, my day gets a little happier. Even though their music is kinda dark. Yeah. That doesn't make much sense.

So there you have it! Six of my favourite kpop songs--make of it what you will. I don't care if you liked the music or even if you listened to it. This is just me sharing some of the music that helps make me smile. :)

And as a special extra's Mekana and I doing a music challenge vlog. Hope you enjoy!

oh are a few bonus songs. Yes, I had too many favourites to choose just six. Oh well.


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