"I met a flirt and a schizophrenic. It was great fun."

The reason for this post is kind of bizarre...you see, it's all because yesterday I started to experience some major stomach pain and nearly passed out. We're not sure whether I have some stomach bug or if I have food poisoning, but either way, I've been laying low today and not doing much of anything.

However...I am a person who likes to do things. I can only watch so many hours of TV before I start going crazy. On average, I bike about 5 miles a day and play basketball for a few hours. I like to move. So while resting is nice, I needed something to do this afternoon or I was going to go nuts.

Thus, I dusted off my 'the great ones and the general' file and reread that. And it's a very good thing that I'm not having stomach pain any more, because it involved a lot of laughter.

Now, 'the great ones and the general' is about a fairly serious subject. Depression, suicide, and trauma...there's not much there to laugh at. However, you must take this one particular fact about me into consideration....

I am a sarcastic person.

Correction: I am a very sarcastic person.

Luckily, I've been blessed with several friends who are just as sarcastic as I am (trust me, I have multiple text conversations with these people and 99.999% of what we text each other is laced with sarcasm.) Sometimes, however, my words get taken as rude/harsh, and the sarcasm goes undetected. That makes me sad, because there's not much better than being able to have a sarcastic duel with someone else. Maybe they should start sarcasm course or something. I know I would attend.

Aaaanyhoo, I reread what I've written in my oh-so-troublesome WIP (which is a rather pitiful amount, I am ashamed to say. Was supposed to finish it a few months ago...life got in the way). And there were multiple moments when I was either repeatedly facepalming my "brilliant" sarcasm skills or laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. It's my general rule of thumb to not read what I've written until it's time to edit, but since I've been busy with other things, I needed a refresher course.

And boy, was it refreshing.

“It looks like something out of a Tim Burton flick,” Colt said, rubbing his neck. “Are you sure your mom’s friend isn’t an ax murderer or something?”
“Shut up.” I started down the path.
 “You know, you keep saying that to me,” he hollered at my back. “I’m beginning to feel hurt.”

Colton Trelawney

Sam Carpenter
“Ah.” He winked knowingly. “Finally, your mortal form grows weary. You must commune with the gods through slumber.”
“I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or if you’re fully intending to be stupid, but that’s how it’s coming across.” I inclined my head. “Out. I need sleep.”

I almost laughed. I could imagine telling Mom about this someday—hey, Mom, remember that one time I ran away from Aunt Jade’s place? Well, I met a flirt and a schizophrenic. It was great fun.


Matthew North
“You know,” she said with a smirk, “I think Matt has an attention disorder. Every time you and I get chatty, he turns into a smart aleck.”
Colt laughed, and the truck swerved a little on the road. My knuckles whitened on the doorhandle. “Trust me,” he said, “he’s always a smart aleck.”
“This is pleasant all,” I gritted out, “but we’re entering the city, Colt. Stay focused.”
“I am focused, dude. My mind’s like a Internet browser—I have about 50 tabs open.” He winked at Sam. “Never let it be said that guys can’t multitask. I’ve mastered the art.”
“Just like you’ve mastered the art of shutting up when you’re supposed to.” I glowered at the map in my lap.

More often than not, my attempts fell short and ended up sounding cheesy, but there were a few instances that made me genuinely laugh. This whole situation amuses me, actually. 'the great ones and the general' actually sprouted from my experiences with depression and frustration with the world, and yet, I still managed to squeeze humor into my writing--albeit sarcastic humor, but it was humor.

Needless to say, my enthusiam in writing this novel has been sparked once more. I probably won't be able to write much in the next weeks (I have camp and graduation to worry about, AHHHHHHHH...), but my creative juices have been thawed. And my sarcasm skills are in action once more.


  1. It's after reading these kinds of little blurbs from you that I can really see the potential that you hold as an author. These characters---punctuated with their wit and fabulous dialogue that you've inserted into their mouths---are amazing!!

    Yer goin' places, Ely girl. Writerly places where renown authors sign their published books with golden ink.

    :D I'm verrrrryyyy excited to hear more about Matt and Colt and Sammy.

  2. I agree with Kismint! I want to hear more about Matt and Colt and Sammy! I am very intrigued by everything in this post.

    Also I applaud you for your use in sarcasm. I liked what you wrote in the snippets of the novel you have shared. I am also a very sarcastic person. Although in my writing Im just not funny. I suck at making witty characters. So your ability to do that is awesome. Nice job:)

  3. And you had me laughing out loud as well. ;D

    I totally agree with Kismint -- you are definitely goin' places with your writing, girl!!! :D

  4. I love the title, and the snippets, and the title in the snippets. It is great!!!!! I love your writing.


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