hello, my name is Ely and I can't keep my eyes open

Seriously. I haven't been this tired in a really long time...and I'm pretty much to the point where all I want to do is go back to bed. Too bad for me--I have camp stuff to do, nine verses to memorize, and geometry to deal with.

Oh, and Beautiful People.

What is Beautiful People, you ask? Well, I'm no expert, but Sky from Further Up and Further In and Cait from Notebook Sisters are, and you should totally check their blogs out and find more out concerning Beautiful People! I took part in Beautiful People a few times when it wasn't on hiatus, and now that it's back, I'm all in!

Today's beautiful person is... drum roll please....

Colton Trelawney!

The reason why I chose Colt over any of my other characters is...okay, I'll be totally honest--I chose Colt for some very selfish reasons.

I love Colt.
He's ornery, sarcastic, and lives right on the edge between idiotic and brilliant.
He pushes all of Matt's buttons and gangs up on him with Sam.
He's just as much of a mess as his best friend is, but he's just easier at faking it.
So yeah. I love Colt. He's kind awesome.
and I may or may not have a file on my computer with pictures just  for him. Maybe. Probably not.
And thus, he is my Beautiful Person for the month of June.

And without further ado, here are Colton's questions!

1) What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it?
Colt never had any other name in my mind besides Colt. He's always been Colton James Trelawney, and I can't explain why. I know a lot of younger boys named Colton, but I've never met a teenaged guy named Colt or Colton. And I guess the name fit him perfectly, because I cannot imagine Colt as anyone but Colt.

2) How old are they, and when were they born?
Colt is one year older than Matt and Sammy, so he's technically a legal adult. Not that I'd ever classify him as an adult...he's a little too stupid for that to be believable. He was born on February 12th, an oddly sunshine-y day for the middle of winter.

3) Describe their physical appearance. (Bonus questions: 1. What is their race/nationality/ethnicity? 2. Do you have a picture of them? If so, include it!)
When you first meet Colt, you immediately notice three things: height, hair, and voice. Colt is your legitimate string bean--he looks like he's only just escaped from Azkaban, when in reality the boy probably ate 12 hamburgers before arriving. He's just that gangly. His hair is nice, I guess...it's your average nutty-brown color, and if it was long, it might be just a little bit wavy. However, when the great ones and the general takes place, he's just suffered an unfortunate haircut. Like--very unfortunate. The third thing you notice about Colt is his unbelievably scary voice. Think Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street mixed with Darth Vader on steroids. When Colt talks, it scares little children states away.
Other details about Colt--his gray-blue eyes, his almost crooked nose, his heavily freckled elbows--sink in over time, but at first encounter, these are the things about him that almost overwhelm your senses.

4) Describe your character's personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences.

Colt's personality would have to be...cocky. He's not arrogant, but he is also not humble at all. He knows what he's good at and he's not afraid at all show that he is good at it. He is also very confident in his relationships (read here: he's a bit of a flirt).

5) What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc?
This question rather stumped me. I never really thought of a song for Colt, and I'm really not sure how to capture his personality in a song. How do you sum up that much awesome? (lol, I'm kidding...) In all seriousness, Marching On, by One Republic is a good song for Colt. He keeps on going. Cave In, by Owl City, is another Colt-ish song.

6) Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character? Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

7) If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air), which one would they be?
Colt would probably be air. He's not dependable enough to earth, he's not flexible enough to water, and he's too laid back to be fire. He's air--easily swayed, but also forceful.

8) What is their favorite word?
Ummmm...probably "Dude." On certain auspicious moments, "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude" seems to be another favourite.

9) Who’s one person they really miss? (It could be someone who’s passed away, or someone they’re not close to anymore, or someone who’s moved away.)

The obvious answer would be Jonathan, because he was just as close with Colt as he was with Matt before he died. However, I'm going to be with a not-so-obvious answer and say Matthew. Colt miss Matthew's old personality. He hates the dark clouds of depression that hide his best friend's smile and laugh. He wants the old Matthew back, deep down in his heart.

10) What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person? Pictures. Any picture from when they were younger brings back all the memories of Old Matthew. And it hurts. Boy howdy does it hurt. Right after the accident, Colt's room was covered in photos of the three boys and their escapades, but within weeks, all the pictures were boxed away so he couldn't see them and remember.

so there you have it--Colton is my beautiful people. Actually, one of the most beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure to create (and that sounds rather weird...) Writing scenes with him are genuinely fun, and I love pretty much every little bit of dialogue that comes out of his mouth. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this adorable little idiot ends up leading me. It should be one fun adventure.


  1. Whoa, I like all you descriptions of your character. You definitely have a developed feel for him. That's pretty awesome. Now I want to learn more about him... :D

  2. Oh oh I love this character so much! Honestly! I would read a book with this kind of dude narrating in a flash. I love how you use Dylan O'Brien pictures for him, too. ;) I have a character I kind of base looks off him too, and I was maybe going to do him for my BP link up. BUT I DON'T KNOW. Haha! Anyhow. I love that mixture of cocky sweetness. Thanks for joining in the linkup!

    Cait @ Notebook Sisters

  3. Stopping by from Beautiful People :)

    It was so much fun to "meet" this character. He seems really life-like and fun. :)

  4. Wow. I love his name. It's one of the best ones I've seen. He also sounds hilarious and like a genuine friend.

  5. By the way you talk, I can tell you know Colton really, really well. It's awesome!

    I burst out laughing (mentally) when I read his favorite word. Guess I know what to say to get on his good side. :D

  6. Trelawney... :) and he's prideful I take it? :D

  7. Colton sounds hilarious and awesome :P I love it when writer's talk about their characters affectionately and heck you've really done a good job describing him.

    Tansie @Totally Tansie


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