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I like music.

honestly, if there is anything in this world that I might possibly love more than books, it is music. Not just playing it, though I do love that too and wish I had more time to do it, but sitting in an empty room with my crazy tunes pumped up to an absurd volume and either dancing along to the beat or basking in the sounds of my current emotions.

I like music.

I have a variety of musical taste, but mostly I listen to rock or pop. twenty one pilots (obviously), Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Paramore, Panic! at the Disco, Family Force Five, Relient K, He Is We, Owl City, and as you all know, a variety of Korean singers, are what I like to listen to most. I have no issues with most other music (except for country. I really REALLY don't like country. No idea why, but I just don't.)

I like music.

and that's why I feel it's important to find my wonderfully messed up characters a song that just fits them.

this is one of the hardest parts of the writing process, in my humble opinion (at least it is for me). Unlike writing or outlining, I can't stick my rear in the chair and work away at it for hours. Instead, I have to wait for that one song to come on the radio, have to figure out what the lyrics are, have to figure out who sings it...sometimes, it can be very frustrating. However, it is also one of the most fulfilling part of writing. Every time I find a song for Matty or Sam or Colt or anyone else, I feel all happy inside and it makes me want to do a victory dance. I found their song. Finally.

And that is why, without further prelude, I present you with the songs (and pictures of my darling babies...) that hold the great ones and the general together.

Colton Trelawney
Dylan O'Brien as Colt
Colt gets two pictures because he's my special snowflake
and because his hair matches better in this pic.

Sam Carpenter

not entirely thrilled with this, but it's the best I've got
Emma Stone as Sam

Linds Carpenter
(because I honestly don't talk enough about Linds)

(some elements apply to Linds, but this song is actually both hers and Sam's.)

Jonathon North
no idea who Cole Mohr is, but apparently Jon looks just like him
Matthew North
Skandar Keynes as Matt

and finally, the song that sums up what I feel for this whole book...

what do you think? Do you think my characters match their songs? Do you have songs for specific characters in your writing? I want to hear about it!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Awesomeness! I love that you have "theme music" for all of your characters. While, of course, I don't know your characters too extremely well, from what I do know, I think they match with their songs really well! Which is something that's quite hard to do, imho. :D

    As for me, my two main characters from "The Final Truth" have songs... which I happened upon completely on accident. I hadn't even thought of trying to find music for them, when I discovered how well the particular song matched... so Julie Rease's is "Cut" by Plumb. She doesn't struggle with physical self harm, but rather a mental/spiritual self harm... ya know? And Tom Devries' song is "My Immortal" by Evanscene, (pretty much the only song I like by her;) which kind of describes his relationship to Julie, in a way. Again, not *quite* perfect, but yeah. It works. ;)

    Anyways! Great post. Sometimes writing posts can be boring, but I really enjoyed the multi-media and the interactive element. :) Have a fantastic weekend yourself!! ^_^

  2. I hadn't started doing this so much till I began work on my newest book, now I do it all the time. It just seems to help a lot, having songs for characters. I don't know why, but it does.


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