it's really an owl city day

{warning: this post has no rhyme or rhythm. I'm merely needing to empty my head.}

I'm exhausted.

Emotionally. Physically. Socially. And I barely did anything today.

Went to the library this afternoon. I need to fill out my volunteer form. I've needed to do that for the past two years. Life always seems to get in the way. Also, while I was at the library, I was overwhelmed (and a little disturbed) by the amount of books about dystopias and broken futuristic societies. I walked through the New YA section and randomly pulled books of the shelf...5 out of 7 were in that realm of genre. Not that I don't love a good dystopia/utopia....but this is too much. Just because something is popular and selling well in teen culture right now DOES NOT mean it's what everybody wants to see. Have mercy on us people who are still searching for that one historical fiction book that ensnares their entire imagination (i.e., me. If you have recommendations, PLEASE. That genre has been severely lacking in my life lately).

future hair aspiration. Only longer.

I wrote thank you notes today. It was hard. Writing thank you notes is such a bizarre thing; I don't understand it at all. Especially when it's for money. "Hey, thanks for the fifty bucks you gave me just because I graduated. I'm gonna spend it well--or not, I haven't decided yet." Yeah. Weird. At least my stationary is pretty.

Currently reading: This Star Won't Go Out, by Esther Earl and her parents. Ouran High School Host Club manga. Streams of Babylon, by Carol Plum-Ucci. I'm going to like that last book a lot, I think. Only on chapter 4. It's about bio-terrorism. Yes, I have diverse book tastes

Currently watching: Merlin, with Jesh and Mekana. Once Upon A Time (which I will be blogging about at a later date), by myself. An no Exorcist. You're All Surrounded.

Currently listening to: Right now, Owl City. Earlier, Family Force Five, Paramore, and Flyleaf.

Hold on. In Christ Alone by Owl City just came on and I might be crying a little. I need this song so much right now.

I'm tired.

I drove for the first time in probably six months today. It was stressful. I know it's silly, but driving freaks me out so much, guys. My mind shifts into overdrive and I have to think about every single possible thing that I could mess up or could go wrong and I hate it. But I need to learn how to get past it.

I also cut my hair today. Well, trimmed it. And I didn't do it myself, obviously. My childhood Barbies are clear evidence that I should never be in charge of hair cutting. But I'm pretty happy with it. It has more floof to it now, which I like.

I want to go to bed already and it's not even 8:30. I have a book review to write. And laundry to do. And I should probably write something for the great ones and the generals.

But I want to sleep.


  1. I've been wanting to read This Star Wont Go Out, but my library doesnt have it:P
    Also, I am not a fan of dystopian at all.
    annnnnnnd you should totally dye your hair like that! it would look so good on you!
    and I hope you get some rest soon. take care of yourself, okay?
    one more thing: Paramore and Flyleaf.....I looooooooove them so much<3

  2. I love random posts. :)

    I don't really read historical fiction, although "The Book Thief" is amazing. Promise. If you haven't read it already. . . If you like fantasy though "Seraphina" by Rachel Hartman is good, and I adore "Icefall" by Matthew J. Kirby. Icefall is awesome.

    Ugh. Driving. I used to feel like the only teen who didn't want to drive because I was thinking about the huge vehicle moving at who knows how many miles an hour impacting with other vehicles, other people, other lives. Eh. Recently I've been better about it except when I psych myself out in the middle of the night thinking "what if" questions. So I try not to think about it. But not thinking about it, seems to be a form of thinking about it. :P Though I dislike driving, it's also something I love. I like to drive alone in the car on the country roads with not a soul around. I think though that the people who fear driving because they actually understand the responsibility behind it, make the best and safest drivers as long as they don't let the fear get to them. I guess that's the trick: getting fear to work for you instead of use you.

    Yes, yes! Write the great ones and the general!

    And I'll go write some Oddball. . .


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