[bless the eyes that see: the unveiling]

so there's this boy.

his name is Emerson.

and recently, he's come an important person in my life.

he's kinda extraordinary, and when I say that, I mean he's ordinary, with a whole lot of extra on the side. he was almost a girl, but after thinking long and hard about it, his parents (aka, my brain) decided on having a boy (because that's totally how things work. O.o) Emerson has one younger brother, a frazzled mom, and a dad who died in an accident that was supposed to be as ordinary as Emerson.

But he didn't.

oh, he's dead, all right. hate to be a downer, but it's the truth. but how he died is the deception.

Emerson finds out all this and more after he starts seeing shapes in the dark. he learns that the world is way more extraordinary than he ever would've imagined. he learns what it truly means to be the Second Eye on the Eastern Border. 

and he learns that not all evil hides in the shadows--sometimes it walks the streets like any other ordinary person.

I'm doing it. It's happening. NaNo 2014 is going to be a thing for me, and I'm super excited. After being pretty dedicated to the great ones and the general, having a very different pet project for only the month of November is quite the thrilling prospect. Stopping after November and focusing once more on the great ones will be a trouble, I imagine, but still--I get to be scary. Or I'm going to try and be scary. I've only tried it once before, and I have to say some of what I wrote still gives me the chills.

As of right now, my plotting file is thin and sassy as all get out (it's like my time writing as Matt has rubbed off on me or something) which I will have to fix, because Emerson is not sassy at all. He's very much normal, thank you very much. I like Emerson. He seems like a nice kid--it's actually kind of funny, but he's the first MC that I've had in a long time that wasn't the same age as me. I've always felt more comfortable writing about characters closer in age to myself (thus resulting in my protagonists getting older and older over the years), but I'm stepping out on a limb here and writing about a 13/14 year old boy instead. I know, I know, boys that age can behave like they're a completely different species, but luckily, I have my brother to observe. Should be an adventure.

I love Emerson's name. It's so pompous and pretentious and that's so not him. I also love Scratch's nickname, because it's so him. I haven't given him a real name yet, and I doubt that I actually will. I want him to forever remain a scruff little vagabond with quick knife skills in my mind, and not become some Randolph or William or Steve. He's Scratch and that's that. But who's Scratch, you ask.

tsk tsk. Getting ahead of ourselves already, are we?

It's isn't Scratch's turn to be introduced today. It isn't even Emerson's turn. It's not even an actual character's turn.

Today, I introduce you to my latest plot bunny that made it out of the cage and onto the page (see what I did there?)

An empty street. An empty house. A broken light.
They left weeks ago, but the light on the porch still flickers on and off as steady as a heartbeat. One would think it would've died already, but every night at seven o'clock, when the Residents come trickling back to home after work, it comes on with a snap. Most folks don't notice its regular flashes, being too keen on getting back to their wives and meals and beds, but a few stop to observe. Some even climb up the steps to take a closer look. One even went inside the abandoned home to flick off the switch and keep that annoying light from coming on ever again.
He never came out again.
But no matter if they stopped, no matter if they walked on, every person who walked by the old blue house with the latched down shutters felt a fingertip of chill trace down their spine. They couldn't explain it, but it was as if someone were watching them and breathing icy cold air down their necks.
But it was just a light, and it was only an abandoned house.
Nothing more, nothing less.
It was silly to imagine eyes following innocent footsteps.

Who knows who will show up and meet you all next week? Oh wait, that's right. I do.

but authors don't tell secrets.

Or at least, they don't tell a lot of them all at once.


  1. THE TITLE!!!!! I love it:)

    Also the picture is creepy as heck and I looooooooove that.

    Also I have never done a scary novel before but I will this November and dude I cannot wait. Even though I still have soooooo much plotting to do. Whatever!

    I can't wait to read this!

  2. :O I love this premise! Can I read this novel?? When's it going to be published?? XD

    Seriously, I love the sound of Emerson, and also that extract you've posted. Creepy as. Gripping stuff!


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