pears, pizza, and maraschino cherries

[I've decided to particpate in a monthly writing link-up called chatterbox. the lovely Rachel Heffington comes up with a topic, and then it's your job to have your characters chatter away about it. This is my first time taking part, and it was so much fun to write Matt and Sam bickering about nothing important. Which they do a lot of. But still. It's fun.] 

"Your opinion on pears?"


"Yes, pears, Matthew. Don't play deaf."

"I wasn't. Your question was absurd enough for me to mishear. Are you sure you meant pears?"

"Of course. Pears are one of the most amazing things that exist on this planet, and if you dislike them, then we are truly meant to be enemies."

"I don't like pears."

"You may find yourself murdered in your sleep tonight."

"Thanks for the warning."

"So what fruit do you like? Oranges? Bananas? Maraschino cherries?"

"No, nope, and definitely not. Maraschino cherries shouldn't exist. They're disgusting. Like red jelly bugs."

"Even on shakes?"

"Especially on shakes."

"This conversation is making me hungry."

"Then stop talking."

"We should order some food. Something besides pizza, since Colt's not here?"

"I don't know how you survive, girl. You sat by my bed for six hours straight, and here you are blabbering about pears and pizza and maraschino cherries. You should be dead tired."

"I am dead tired. That's why I need food. Come onnnnnn...."



" long as it doesn't involve pizza. Or pears."

"You're my second favourite person in this room right now."

"You and I are the only ones in here."



  1. This is great! One of my friends and I spend hours just arguing over why certain foods are good or bad. Somehow it's a very fulfilling way to pass the time. I'm glad Matt and Sammy partake in food arguments too. It's good for them. :)

  2. I love this! So hilarious. Matthew is right though about maraschino cherries, you know. Sweet, slimy red devils. Yuck.


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