[top ten tuesday] eight is the perfect number.

Top Ten Tuesday is a book-related link-up that several bloggers I follow take part in. There have been multiple moments when I thought, "Hey, this looks fun! I should do it too." but every time I sat down to write the blogpost, I either didn't like the topic or I was having a creative low that day. So that's why you haven't seen a TTT post yet.

But that's all changing, as of now.

this weeks theme: Top Authors I've Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

1). Amy Efaw. This lady gets first place in this list because a) After was an amazing book, and b) because she was kind enough to message me and now follows me on twitter. Which gives me warm squeeing feelings on the inside. She only has two books out currently (and is working on her third), but if After was anything to go by, she's an incredible author. I actually have her other book Battle Dress sitting on my shelf this very moment. Need to read that one. SOON.

2). Orson Scott Card. Believe it or not, Ender's Game is the only book of his that I've read. I started Ender's Shadow (and own both it and The Shadow of the Hegemon) but have finished neither. It's a crying shame, because Ender's Game is one of the best, thought-provoking books out there, and Bean is adorable. So I also need to read Ender's Shadow SOON

maybe doing this post wasn't a good idea...my to-read pile is increasing drastically...

3).  Marilynne Robinson. Reading Gilead literally changed my life. I thought I was going to hate that book, but I ended up falling in love with the somewhat snarky old man, his wife, and his son, and I almost hated getting closer to the end, because I knew that if the letters ended, it meant the old man was dead. I haven't heard if her other two books are any good, but I hope they're at least of the same caliber as Gilead.

4). Robin Brande. Okay, I cheated on this one. I put her down on the list and then later remembered that I've read both Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature and Fat Cat. Shame on me. But I really like Brande's writing style. I don't agree with every thing she wrote about in either book, but I fell in love with the characters and I felt invested in both stories. Plus, Casey. Is there anybody in this world who wouldn't want a best friend/boyfriend who lives and breathes Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and all such other things?

5). Sally Nicholls. sooooo...pretty much the only reason that's kept me from reading any other books from this author is that Ways to Live Forever kinda broke my heart. As a kid who's dealt with cancer in the family twice now--and had a possible leukemia scare when I was little--it was guaranteed that I wasn't going to make it through the book without crying. I'm not that much of a crier, but this one got me. This author could've seriously overplayed the last moments Sam had, but she did it just right. And writing this is really making me want to go back and reread  this heartbreaking book again. and it's a kid book, guys. it's great. read it.

6). Tess Hilmo. I admit it, I didn't even know this author had books other than With a Name Like Love. But she does, and I just put Skies Like These on hold. I didn't think I was going to like With A Name Like Love because of its title--I was dead sure it was going to be a sappy romance--but it turned out really cute and the mystery element was neat and I love the Penderwick-sisters feel we had going on. Though the frog scene was kinda gross.

7). Jill Williamson. I follow this lady on Go Teen Writers, and I'm sad to say I've only read one of her books. But it's not my fault!!! My silly library only has Replication, and while that is a great read, what I really want to read is her fantasy series. *sighs* You need to step up your game, library people.

8). James Dashner okay, this is a complete cop-out. You all already know I need to read the rest of the Maze Runner books. But I'm running short on authors whose works of literature I haven't completely devoured. So yeah. Need to finish those books.

And I think we'll stop there, but eight's the perfect number and I'm done with racking my brain for the evening. Time for some brainless reading/TV.

Have you read any of these authors' books? Did you like them? How about some other authors that you need more of? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have only ever heard of two of the people you mentioned. The guys who wrote Ender's Game and The Maze Runner. I finished TMR and I decided not to finish the series because of highly triggering topics for me. Although I must say, I did love the book.

  2. So should I tell you that they have the Jill Williamson books in JC? (evil laugh)


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