a is for anime

objectively, I haven't done much today.

I didn't read the thirty pages out of The Man Who was Thursday like I was supposed to. I didn't memorize ten verses out of Acts 8 like I had planned. I didn't play basketball like I wanted to.

Being sick really kinda sorta sucks...

I'm actually grateful I'm sick now. I get sick frequently throughout the year, but over the summer, I hardly got sick at all, which was a good thing. Otherwise, I would've had to skip out on things that I really wanted to do and recover instead.

So I'm sad that I'm sick, but I'm also okay with being sick. It gives me some time to chill and recover before I leave home again next week--and I also start my first job on Monday, so hopefully I'll be fully functional by then. And being sick also gives me lots of time to write, read, and watch anime.

I don't know what it is about the fall that makes me want to sit down and have an anime marathon. Maybe it's because I like to curl up blankets with a cup of tea when I watch. Maybe it's because I don't feel bad for wasting the sunshine by watching TV. Whatever it may be, it's true that I think anime is best in autumn. And trust me--I've watched my fair share over this past week.

Which lead me to making this blog post about my favourite anime to watch on your typical rainy and chilly fall day.

Enjoy the ride.

1) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I can't talk about anime without talking about FMA:B. I seriously can't. It's like a disease. (a glorious, heartbreaking disease.) And by heartbreaking, I mean I'm getting ready to rewatch the episode with Shou Tucker and his daughter and I'm not sure I can handle that much emotional trauma right now. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is such a good anime to start out with, in my humble opinion. As long as you don't mind a good amount of bloodiness. And aforementioned heartbreak. And GreedLing. Tho GreedLing really isn't a negative aspect. More like a really really positive aspect.
seriously. he's that cool.

it's fanart like this that makes me emotional, okay?

2) Fruits Basket. Oh dear goodness, this show brings back memories. Just remembering watching it makes me warm and cozy like I'm wrapped up in a blanket. If I remember correctly, I marathoned Fruits Basket when I was sick last year. So yeah. I do this quite often. Fruits Basket is one of those shoujo animes that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out. (yeah, it has those moments--like Yuki. I mean, hello. Dude is not realistic at all.) Also, I have a picture of Shigure pinned to my desk corkboard. Keeps me motivated. (tho motivation and Shigure are not two things I'd ever imagined going together...) The only real complaint I have with Fruits Basket is that they really needed more seasons to stay true to the manga storyline. I'm still holding onto hope, but it's not likely, especially by how they finished up Season 1. But still...a girl can dream, right?

3) Bleach. Ok...so Bleach is kinda an ongoing thing for me. I have not technically watched every single episode (there's like 300, okay?) but I know the general story (ish) and I watch it when I feel the urge. I love Ichigo's voice--both Japanese and English. That's a huge part of why I love Bleach--I can watch either dub and be fine. Sometimes--especially in the case of Ouran or FMA:B, which I blame entirely upon Vic Migogna--I just can't watch the Japanese dub, because I love the English voices so much. An example of the opposite would be this: last night, I tried watching an episode of Vampire Knight (heh...yeah, no. *gags on overt shoujo*) and couldn't STAND the English dub. Switched to the Japanese, and everything was hunky-dory. Thank you, Netflix.

4) Lovely Complex. I cannot remember the last time I watched this anime, honestly. It may have been last summer. Or spring. I can't remember. But I do remember it eating my life. I loved the rivalry dynamic between Risa and Otani--best friends that get closer and closer as the story progresses are the best, in my humble opinion. Also, having a tall female lead and a short male lead was THE BOMB. I laughed so hard watching the first episode, and then I think I fell in love with Otani sometime shortly after--as did Risa--and I was hooked from then after. Just talking about it makes me want to rewatch it again.

no, I actually fell in love with this show because of how painfully realistic their reactions could be... XD

5) Ghost Hunt. Heh...I actually watched this anime as research for NaNo. I don't watch much scary stuff, so I thought I should at least get a good grasp on suspense and stuff like that. Ghost Hunt...was interesting. Yes, it was scary. Yeah, I hated myself for liking it, because the dubbing was terrible (but I stuck around for Lin's voice...dat J. Michael Tatum tho) and the storylines were so jagged and rough that I cringed sometimes...but I still liked it. Mai was annoying but lovable--she wasn't completely loudmouthed and boyish like some female protagonists are, but neither was she the delicate shy girl. She was a lovely balance of both. I think the one episode that sincerely freaked me out the most was The Bloodstained Labyrinth. Yeah. Don't watch that one at night. I'm rooting for a second season for this one too--there was rumor one would come out this year. Fingers are crossed.

6) Clannad. I can't even remember if I finished watching this one. It was around the time when I had my wisdom teeth removed that I discovered Clannad, and obviously, things are a little fuzzy around then. I do remember that watching it was sweet and sad and then really sweet and then really sad and then I think that was around when I stopped watching for a while, because I found out that certain people died and I was not happy. I do not like it when people who are happy and sweet and innocent have to die. (and yet I call myself a writer.) So I have mixed feelings towards Clannad. Actually, now that I think about it, I love Clannad. It's Clannad: After Story with which I have a bone to pick.  *moans sadly* can't they just live happily ever after and nobody dies? Because...like everyone important to me died. I can't. I just can't. *sulks*

7) Black Butler. Also watching this because of research for Bless the Eyes that See. Also am kinda "meh" about it (Ciel is a bit of a brat, but then again, I'm only a few episodes in), but J. Michael Tatum makes a girl want to stick around, you know? His voice...it's my favourite. (*covers Vic Mignogna's ears* You didn't hear a thing...) I'm curious to see how the story ends though, even if I don't like the anime much. Is that possible--to not like something much but still want to watch it because you want to know how it turns? Because that happens a lot to me.

8) Legend of Korra. Ok. I had issues with LOK. (Number one being: no Zuko.) But I've repented of my crimes (and that's not just because Zuko's come back and is going on more inspirational life-changing field trips) and have started watching Book 2. Korra and Mako still get under my skin, but I have hope for them. Not much hope, but at least some. And Tenzin. I love Tenzin. Basically, I holding onto this show just because of Lin and Tenzin and Tenzin's kids. And Pema. I like Pema. And I really love that Bolin's pet fire-ferret is named Pabu, which is close to pabo, which is Korean for "fool" or "silly one," which sums up Bolin completely.

9) Ouran High School Host Club. Like FMA:B, I can't not mentioned OHSHC. Just can't. It's impossible. I mean...J. Michael Tatum and Vic Migogna in the same anime? I can't handle it. Actually, I can, but that's more fun to say. And I don't just love this show because of those two. Haruhi's entire character, including her voice actor, the twins, Mori-senpai (it feels really wrong to just call him Mori, okay?)...they're all the best. This was my second anime ever, after FMA, and I also think it's a fairly okay starter, though it has some definite flaws in it, which could turn some away. Some parts of it still frustrate me to this day, but I also love it because of how much it taught me as a person. Also, because it makes fun of the entire genre of shoujo while being a shoujo itself. (yay for breaking the 4th wall!!!) But that's beside the point.

10) Norigami. I hesitated on adding this last one, seeing how I am currently watching it. It's a newer anime (came out in 2013), and it's another one I'm watching for researching--though it's less on the scary side and more on the spirits and ghosts side of things. I love Yato, and I know Yukine is going to break my heart, because I'm a Cheater McCheaterson and watched a few AMVs and now I have a vague idea of how it ends. And I really don't want him to break my heart. Can't he just stay a cute little Regalia? I mean, he hates being hugged! A boy after my own heart! As I said, I'm still watching this one, so I don't have a final ruling on it--I may hate it!--but I like it enough now to add it to this list. Besides, ending on the number 9? That's just silly.

Hey! You made it through! If you don't watch anime, I applaud you--this is like a whole different world, I imagine. (just a hint: shoujo is evil. But semi-necessary.) If any of these struck your interest, please let me! I'd love to talk to you about them and if they're a good one to watch on a rainy October evening (which, as I've already said, most of them are...except for Ghost Hunt. Might want to save that one for an especially sunny day, okay?) And if you have any special favourites that I didn't mention, please share them! I might not have seen them before--and new anime is always something I'm looking for!

Of course, I am in the middle of watching Norigami, and then I'm planning on watching Free!, and then maybe finishing An no Exorcist or maybe rewatching Lovely Complex or something...

Maybe new anime is the opposite of what I need...


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