a new face

// by ely s. gyrate //
every year I fall in love.
I wake up one morning, and instantly, I feel it.
a change in the skies
a new rush
an ending that just began anew.
there will be days to come
when I don't want to move
from my blankets
but today is not one of those days.
I am alive
I am awake
as everything else is dying.
the color of the skies
against the dead orange
of the trees
pleases the artist in my eyes
 I wish I could take a snapshot
of the moment.

cold mornings
steaming mugs
fuzzy shoes and cozy jackets
how did we make it thru the summer
without them.
every year I fall in love with death
at the beginning of rebirth.
I should be sad
because I know it's going to end
but I'm not
because I know next year
it will be a new face
and I'll fall in love again.
call me fickle, love
but that's october.


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