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reading back through my old blog made me nostalgic for my haphazard randomosity of back then. Not only was my writing style a lot more random, but I didn't care if I didn't have a specific reason for posting. I just wanted to talk to my few but precious. I wrote pages of pages of ramblings, and it was glorious. I came up with the weirdest titles too--"In Which I Sit Here With My Cheesy Beans and Rice and Chips (the American kind, not British), and Muse Over Nothing in Particular."


it's hard for me to ramble without any sense of form or pattern now, but I'm going to give it a shot tonight because I love you and I feel like being random. So buckle your seatbelt. I'm about to random.

no explainable reason for this, I just wanted to use this gif so bad...

Have you ever heard of the note-card-scene plotting method? I read about it somewhere on the InterWebs last night and really liked the idea--it made more sense to me than a technical outline--so here's me and my pretty colored notecards. Maybe, if NaNo works well with this, I'll make cards for the great ones and the general as well.

Fun fact about me: when I'm writing blog post--actually, writing anything--I'm usually sitting at my desk, chair leaned back two inches, with my head turned sideways. And by sideways, I really mean sideways. My ear is pressed against my shoulder most of the time. I don't understand why, but I think better that way. And I guess that counts as my weird writing habit? It doesn't seem that weird to me, but when I do it in public I get the strangest looks from people...

Another fun fact about myself: the parts of my body about which I am the most self-conscious are my neck-chin-shoulder area and my knees. Is it possible for anyone to have pretty knees? I doubt it. Knees are just made for ugliness. Except baby knees. Those are so adorable.

Currently, I am enjoying VGHS, Cantabile Tomorrow, and Modern Farmer. The latter two are both kdramas--kcomedies, actually--and VGHS is one pretty awesome YouTube show already on its third season. All three shows are very funny and crazy but also provide me with endless amounts of feels (except for Modern Farmer. But I guess you could say Lee Hongki's voice gives me feels no matter what, so that counts). I just love Tomorrow Cantabile because of how cheesy it is. It reminds me so much of You're Beautiful (except there's no Jang Keun Suk, but I'll get over it) and it really makes me think of manga--which, of course, is what it's based off of. Talk about awesome. And I'll never get over this face. Never.

literal neener  neener face.
so good it deserves another picture.

Last five things I pinned on Pinterest? (you guys better be SOOOOO thankful I didn't just go on a kpop spree...)

aaaaand my first pin is kpop. DANG IT.
truth about me right here...

no explanation, I think?
creepy, right? Bless the Eyes stuffs right here.

not only is this very accurate for my two books, but real life as well.

Books I'm currently reading are:

Afterworlds, by Scott Westerfeld. Book inside a book, as far as I can tell. Taking me a little while to get into it, which is sad, because Westerfeld is my all time favourite writer.

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. Reading it because I loved the movie. I'm not very far in, because I've been busy reading Pride and Prejudice for school, but I love Death and his semi-sassy-but-very-serious pants. I hope I like it just as much as I liked the movie--or best case scenario, even more.

I'm trying to get my dad to go see The Maze Runner with me again. He liked the book...but he won't go see the movie. Which makes me sad. Because the movie made the book better for me. Big Hero 6 is also in the future list of movies to see. Cannot WAIT til Nov. 8 or whenever it comes out.

Oh yeah, last book. Everyday, by David Leviathan. I don't quite understand this book. But I think I like it. The new person every day makes it a little confusing and disjointed, but I think I'm finally getting into its rhythm. Also--I might just picked it up because the dude's last name is Levithan. Which is close to Leviathan, which is the name of my favourite book (coincidentally written by Scott Westerfeld...)

This is a fun song.

This is a cute song.

This is a sad-but-still-cute song.
This is an AWESOME song.

Last five things I liked on Pinterest...

I'm so sorry for liking this and making you all witness it...but Ilhoon is a very cold city girl who is sassy as all get out and I couldn't help it. *pfffff* *dies from laughing so hard*
now, I know perfect people don't exist, but bear with me. Kevin Woo is an amazing singer, amazing dancer, and a Christian who's pretty vocal about his faith. I think that's pretty darn awesome.
katrina sends me the most random stuff and I just can't....

And last but not least, a few of my favourite quotes from today's writing spree. I'm in love with sassy Matt. I wish I could be as sassy as he is and still pull it off. *sighs*

"Colton. Avery. Trelawney." I eyed him dangerously, and he stepped back a little, hands immediately whipping behind his back like a meek little boy with one hand caught in the cookie jar. "Go get in the car, now."
I'd never seen the guy move so fast.
"Interesting," said Sam, as she stood next to me. "His initials spell cat."
"Always knew I hated cats for a reason," I muttered.

"Actually, I think I know. This is an intervention; Colt is saving Matt from eternal paleness."
"That's more accurate than you think," I muttered, and to her credit, she chuckled.

"Dude, stay with me." I opened my eyes before realizing I'd shut them in the first place. "You can't pass out like that suddenly--I almost dropped you."
"I...passed out?"
"For like fifteen seconds. Luckily, they already went inside. Otherwise, we'd have some explaining to do." He glanced anxiously at the front door, as if Sam would pop out any moment and scream "Aha! Caught you!" at us. "Matty, what are we going to do about you and her?"
"You mean our obviously ardent love for each other?" My world still swam around my feet. I pinched the bridge of my nose as my stomach roiled. "Let it blossom, of course."

Also, you should know that my file for this lengthy project is literally entitled "goats" now. Because I think of goats every time I see tgoatg. I finally made it happen. (who else thinks there should be a goat cameo in the upcoming pages? Let me know below!)

Adios, amigos!!


  1. Since my sister has introduced me to kpop and forced (of course) me to become kinda a little obssessed with it...I UNDERSTOOD A TON OF YOUR REFERENCES. This makes me happy. :)

    Like seriously, when I saw "You're Beautiful" mentioned I mentally screeched.

    1. YES!!! I love knowing people who get my references (that and people who like/are obsessed over kpop), so the fact that you got them thrills me. Love it so much!!

      You're Beautiful is the BEST!!! Currently rewatching it for the millionth time with my sister--and sometimes even my mom and my dad, which can be quite hilarious... XD Do you watch any other korean dramas?

    2. I haven't had a chance to start any other dramas yet because of school but I DEFINITELY want to.


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