{bless the eyes that see: in which I repeat and finally resolve my villain issues}

October. As you could tell by my previous post, I love love love October. It's definitely my favourite month, and it's just so wonderful that I can't stop raving about it. The weather, the colors, the hoodies...it's the best.

But there's one thing about October that I may love the most of all.

And that's that November is now only a month away.

Less than a month, actually. 29 days. Not that anyone's counting or anything.

But seriously--29 days. That's a breeze. Time passes in a flash, and soon it'll be November and time for Bless the Eyes that See to make its debut onto the page. I. Cannot. Wait.

October is also a fairly "spooky" time, if you like to follow the traditions of Hallowe'en. This whole story is spooky (or at least, I hope it is), and I think in honor of October, I shall introduce one of the more spooky characters. I'm also partial to him, because he has an awesome name and because he's evil. But I love him.

I have villain issues, okay?

Whoops. Let the cat out of the bag. That's okay, though. Because Nerissa's a villain...but you don't know the details. Mwuahahahahaha...

That's right, my villain-ish person's name is Nerissa. But, contrary to what you might think, Nerissa is not a girl. He is definitely, DEFINITELY, male, thank you very much. I guess you can blame the Nerissa thing on his mother, a wild woman with shiny black hair and a serious smile as red as blood. They called her crazy, but she was the sanest woman on the planet at the time, because she knew what shadows looked like. She didn't like how they looked at her, however, and this ended with a knife, leaving Nerissa, his older brothers, and his father grieving alone in the dark.

Wes Luge (you'll meet him later, I promise) heard about the woman who saw shapes in the night and came to help the family through their loss--tho not in the way you would think. "Revenge is the strongest comfort I can give you," he told them and handed Nerissa's father his first onyx knife. All four of them became Blind Warriors, and soon, that life was the only thing Nerissa knew. He devoted himself to training--he wanted to wipe as many spirits as he could, and nothing was going to stop him from achieving that goal.

That all changed when he woke up on night and saw a shadow standing at the foot of his bed, smiling uncannily at him.

And for the first time in his life, he felt completely helpless.

All training rushed to a halt. Nerissa was an Eye. Suddenly, he was thrust into the spotlight as an anomaly. He just wanted to go back to his work. But he couldn't. All he could do was see the monsters. He couldn't change the world. Instead of a warrior, he was just a pair of eyes. It didn't matter that he was one of only two Eyes in the world.  He was worthless.

Wes did all he could to pull him out of this slump, but the boy trained reluctantly. He didn't want to be an Eye, even if it meant he was saving lives. He wasn't the one holding the knife. He didn't do the killing. He was just the puppeteer.

Then one day, a boy named Emerson Tyler joined the Shutters, and he saw the monsters in the dark too. His skills as an Eye surpassed Nerissa, and suddenly, the spotlight turned onto Emerson instead. Instead of being someone special, Nerissa was reduced to a pathetic runner-up again. He was second-rate and couldn't do the good that he wanted.

But was he going to let that stop him this time?

Anything but.

Nerissa had going to change the world, and nothing was going to stop him.

WHEW! That was more back story than I'd intended, but no harm done. In fact, I think the more you know about these characters, the better. The more curious you'll be, I hope. 

Nerissa's about 17. He's older than Emerson by several years, which irks him to no end when Emerson surpasses him in his abilities. He inherited his mom's shining black hair, which he wears long. His eyes are the color of a robin's egg--Wes remarks several times that they seem to glow eerily, which is completely untrue. Or is it? Mostly, he dresses in all black, as if he's in mourning, but he actually dresses that way because he likes how deathly pale it makes his skin. All in all, Nerissa looks like a spectre in the distance, a dangerous shadow of his own kind.

He might not be able to kill the monsters, but he'll do anything in his power to stop them. Even if it means giving up some of his own morals. Even if it means giving up his own life.

So yeah--this is Nerissa. He's probably not pleased to meet you.

*happy dances around bedroom* I has a villain, I has a villain, I finally has a villain in the longest of long times... Villain withdrawal. It's a thing.

Wonder who you'll get to learn about next week?

Oh yeah, I already know.

just kidding. I actually don't.




    Jk I love your writing don't stop ever.

    This story looks soooooooooooooo good. So good. I need to read all the books you write.

    Plus....villains......yes. All of the yes.


  2. I love this post! Nerissa sounds so interesting and there so much to him. Can't wait to hear more about the book!

    And villain withdrawal is totally a thing. ;)

  3. Villain withdrawal. OMG I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I love my villains. Either they end up being the ones I love most, or they're actually the narrators. Honestly? My protagonists are usually more questionable then the villains. >_< I love complicated villains with deep backstory, so I think you're doing awesomely there. ;)

  4. Wow. Villains and shadows and black and all you wrote there. I'm in love.

    Am I allowed to obssess over something I know next to nothing about? I hope so. Because I am.

    And judging by my love of your posts so far, this book is going to be excellent.

    I also love October and fall and hoodies and creepy superstitions, even if I dont truly believe in them.

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow

  5. I LOVE IT. Can I read this book please??


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