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out of the 436 songs on my iPhone, 107 are in Korean, 2 are Japanese, and 1 is in Mandarin.

I may or may not have a problem.

but a good problem.

I guess before I've just had a craving to make a kpop recommendation blog post. I haven't done one in a while, and it's been aaaaaaaaaages since I did a music post. And VIXX came back on Monday. All the more reason to do have a kpop spree!

It's kinda funny to look about, because approximately a year ago, I discovered kpop. I'd been interested in the Korean culture for a few years (thank you, Helena and Iris, my two lovely exchange students that I got to mentor!!), and I started watching Korean dramas over the summer because I wanted to learn the language but didn't know how or where to start. And then I watched a show called Panda and Hedgehog (not one of my favourites, but it was cute. For multiple reasons. Just some of the acting stunk. And some of the plot. But it was still cute) and learned that the lead male actor, Lee Dong-hae, was in a band.

And thus I became introduced to kpop.

Bonamana, by Super Junior was my first kpop song EVER. Technically, I saw part of Fantastic Baby, by Big Bang first, but I didn't watch it in its entirety. Bonamana was what made me fall in love with kpop. That, and Lucifer, by SHINee.

SHINee's such a funny band name. I never really think about it, but I'm literally saying "shiny." But it feels like I'm saying a completely different word. Tis weird. But SHINee remains to this day tied as my second favourite band, and when I'm sad, I watch this performance of Symptoms and then I'm happy again.

I don't remember what my first girl group experience was. I know I saw part of I am the Best, by 2NE1, but I don't think it was my first full girl group MV. It may have been Girls Generation's I Got A Boy. Yeeeah...not a big GG fan... but Miss A and Sistar are pretty awesome, I must say.

*very short shorts in this video, but still real cute*
As for solo artists, I'm a big fan of Lim Kim (voice envy on this lovely girl right here...she has the most beautiful tone...), IU (can't sing a word of her songs because she's such a soprano, but hey who cares?), and Jung Joon-Young (aaaaaaaah Teenager is like my life-song me loves it so much).

Lately, bands that start with the letter b have been a thing for me...BAP, B1A4, BTS,  BVIXX...

okay, that non-pun was lame and unoriginal, but still. I've been on a major B.A.P. kick, and B1A4 has a special place in my heart just because of how freaking adorable they are. And BTS I think I just like because of Taehyung's facial expressions.

*also this*
I'm posting two B.A.P. songs because, like I said, I'm on a B.A.P. kick, and because they both have lyrics that kinda mesh with Bless the Eyes that See (or at least, I think they do.) Badman's schizo music kinda bugs me, but I love love love the lyrics and video.

Also, Sacramental Confession. Bang Yongguk. Love that guy. Perfect for Bless the Eyes that See.

I feel obligated to post an Infinite song, but I don't know whether to post Man in Love or Back. Because one is cute and cuddly, and the other is bloody and awesome. Oh, what the heck. Both is best.

DBSK's Mirotic is by far one of my favourite songs EVER. Actually, this performance of Miroctic is by far one of my favourite songs ever. I like the original one by DBSK, but I like this one better--I mean. Orcastra. Lee Taekwoon. Seo Eunkwang. Jung Daehyun. It's a win-win-win-win. All three guys who can sing like nobody's business (well, Youngjae can too, but his voice isn't a fave of mine.)

And last but not least...VIXX. As I mentioned above, they came back with Error today. And OH. MA. GERSH. it was awesome. As you can see for yourself. I love videos that have a plot, and this one is the first of theirs that's ever had one. So double-thumbs up on that. Thumbs-down about Ravi's Hershey Kiss hat though. And Hongbin's semi-autotuned voice... *shivers happily* can he sing like that all the time? Like, really?

I should stop before I bore you all to tears. Hope you don't mind being exposed to a little k-culture, and maybe I'll do a jpop and/or an english music post soon. Here's B.A.P.'s Japanese Excuse Me MV as one for the road!

*title of this post comes from another B.A.P. song called No Mercy...you should go check it out*


  1. Although I don't like kpop, I like you so I read this post.

    November is my "listening to new music" month because I like listening to new music while I write so I can get into the mood without being able to sing along and get distracted. So I might put some of these on my playlist, just for you:)


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