me and my great ones

what can I say (huh see what I did thar????), life is busy.

hence the reason why I haven't blogged since I kinda said I was starting blogging again.


but fear not! I'm going to make more of an effort! actually, I probably could've blogged over the weekend, as I was mainly just babysitting my mother, watching tv, and dealing with a gluten hangover over that two day period. But I didn't want to. I was content to stick to my tv shows and my crocheting. Now, however, I want to blog. The problem is, you see, that all my ideas have gone 'poof!'

actually, that's a half-truth. I still have ideas. I have a nice list of blogposts in my head that are just waiting to be written. still, every time I sit down and start those ideas into a blogpost size portion, the words just don't come out right.

I'm not sure  how to sum this up. It's not writer's blog. Maybe it's my critical side coming out, but I know I have better potential in me, and I don't want to ruin a perfectly good blogpost  by doing it with only part of my effort. So I send it back to the back of the line, to wait for a better day. I have a post about unhappy endings percolating (I actually got it half-written before critical-me set in, surprisingly), but I think before I finish it I need to finish watching TFioS (yes, I still haven't finished it yet, sue me) and maybe rewatch Secretly, Greatly. Because those are two of the main things I want to reference in that post. That and the great ones.

Speaking of which.

it's December, right? Fantastic month. My sister's birth month. The time where my house smells fantastic because we still believe in live trees. Christmas goodies and all that. Spending more time with my Lord and Saviour as we head toward the end of yet another year. It's all good and fun. It's also the month where gifts are socially acceptable, which why I have a gift for you all. Er, or maybe it's for me. I don't know. I haven't decided yet.

yes, that's right, I will be posting a special snippet each day from December 15th to December 25th, which is kinda daunting for me, because I've literally written only one of said snippets and I need to get cracking. Some will be Christmas themed. Some won't be.Some will be about Sam and Matt. Some will be about Colton and Shiloh. Some will about Jon. It's gonna be a little bit of everything.  I've wanted to do something like this for a while but haven't had the time or brain-space to do so. But as my Christmas gift to myself and to you all, we're going to spend some extra time with my great ones this December.

i'm just really happy about this okay?
i might be doing a little dance of happiness. maybe.
sort of kind of my mentality about the great ones right now. except they're not going off to destroy people but whatevs.
100% accurate, right down to the hedgehog gloves.

Have a great week, guys! And Merry early Christmas!


  1. That sounds like a terrific idea! I should post more - college is sucking the life out of me.

    Celiac disease is quite frustrating - my aunt and cousin have it and my mom thinks I have it but I've never been tested. I'm already lactose intolerant so I'm really hoping I don't have celiac. On the bright side - alot of gluten free bread (oh AND BROWNIES YES) is very delicious.

    Random comment: I love how you use gifs because I literally understand them ALL.

  2. YES! I loooooooove that Christmas picture you made! I'm excited for this:)


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