well, this is awkward...

I knew I wouldn't get through these ten days of snippets without missing at least one. I knew it.

I apologize, but because of health/tiredness/I stayed out too late and was around too many people for too long reasons, when I got home last night, I had no energy to even think about posting anything. So maybe you'll get two posts tomorrow. Maybe. Sure ain't happening today (today's goal is just to survive, lol...which I am achieving, as I do nothing but sit on my bed and study, read, and crochet).

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I didn't freeze up or get writer's block or get abducted by aliens or something. Because that would be uncool. There will be a very cute (in my humble opinion) snippet later on today--be excited!

or you can be like Yato and just be cool.
And here, have an awesome Noragami AMV while you wait. My treat.


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