it's cold outside.

but there's no snow.

so going outside is pointless.

so all I want to do is curl up in my blankets and listen to music.

// january //

i. all about us 
{he is we}

ii. apologize
{one republic}

iii. at the cross (love ran red)
{chris tomlin}

iv. back

v. banner

vi. broken record
{tessa violet}

vii. car radio
{twenty one pilots}

viii. carry on my wayward son

ix. dango dai kazoku
{from the anime clannad}

x. error

xi. eyes open
{taylor swift}

xii. i bet you don't curse god
{christina grimmie}

xiii. don't you worry child
{anthem lights}

xiv. it's you, again

xv. skinny love

xvi. teenager
{jun joon young}

xvii. that xx

xviii. welcome to the black parade
{my chemical romance}

xix. tried to walk

xx. to those who hope for my despair
{kang eui suk}

xxi. melted  
{akdong musician}


  1. Sometimes, that is all you can do. Hibernate through the cold with music .


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