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Jesus is the coolest, you know?

y'all are probably just scratching your heads at this moment, thinking to yourselves, "Um...has Ely gone off the deep end? She's been MIA in the blogging world for almost three weeks now, and her first words after that void of time are "Jesus is the coolest?" I'm not gonna argue, but...it's kinda weird."

I do not blame you. I know for a fact that I am indeed weird. I had lunch in the cafeteria, and then went back to my dorm and had rice with soy sauce because the rice in the cafeteria was really sucky. Yeah, weird. Or abnormal at the least.

I'm not really sure if I've made it obvious what kind of college I chose to attend, but I am doing so now: I am a Bible college student. And this semester, I'm not really taking any "non-Jesus" classes. So day after day, hour after hour, I'm learning more and more about Jesus and God and all that good stuff.

It's pretty cool, I know.  I wasn't sure if I'd like that much Biblical information being poured into me all at once (haha who am I kidding I'm a Bible Quizzer I memorize whole books of the Bible for fun), but as my weeks at school have progressed, I'm falling in love with the process. Yeah, there's homework. Yeah, Tuesday and Thursdays are full to the gills. Yeah, my friends are weird and awesome and we "watch" too many movies while homeworking. So it's pretty much awesome.

I really REALLY like school, guys.

And I'm really REALLY glad about that.

The reason why I finally sat down and attempted to blog SOMETHING (anything, actually. I was all ready to start posting cat memes to substitute as a post...one thing that's definitely increased in the past week is my cat meme viewings. They're hilarious.) is that I was reading my Pentateuch book this afternoon, and something struck me.

No, this goes back further.

You all know I write. Heck, you probably know more than you want to know about my writing, which is awesome because you stuck around despite all that. But writing is a big part of my life. I admire authors on a very high level. Some of my biggest role models are authors.

And so I guess what I'm leading up to is that God is like one of the coolest authors ever.

Seriously, think about it. He engineered EVERYTHING perfectly. Just look at the Bible. He wrote the perfect story--perfect characters, perfect plot-line (complete with jaw-dropping plot-twist), and a perfect ending. Every part of the story connects together, though it might not seem that way on the surface. If you dig a little deeper, let the details sink in, and connect the dots...it starts to make sense in a beyond epic way. Also, can we talk about God's character development in people like Abraham, Jonah, Paul, and so many others? God's people, or his "characters" are not perfect. In fact, they're anything BUT perfect. You see them at their best and at their worst. Just look at David! He was an a poor shepherd boy. A nobody. Becomes king. Has a one night stand with a married woman, ends up getting her pregnant, and then kills her husband. God loves him any way. And it's through his line that the Savior of all comes. How wickedly cool is that? Abraham is credited as the man of faith...and yet he still lied because he was afraid. Paul started out as Saul, a terrible, heartless, and conniving man. And then God changed him--and we use his words to this day in the church. How crazy is that?

God is amazing. He's got it all planned out, and he had the kindness of heart to write it his story down. How cool is He? Way cool, my friends, way cool. And it might super nerdy of me, but God gives me feels. Lots of them.

Hope you all have a great week!!


  1. I love you. lol. I really do. I wish I had so much enthusiasm about the bible as you. please dont ever lose that okay?
    you made me smile this whole post because you're just so adorable. I love those times when you just realize how great God is and just how freaking amazing He is for planning all this insane stuff. it can give me the feels too.

    its also nice to see you back here on the blog. hope to read more from you soon. hope college is going good!

  2. I love this post!

    Yup, Jesus is totally the coolest. ;)

    You are so right! God is the best Author of ever! He really does blow my mind sometimes. I think that's why we've "stolen" story elements from Him. Think about it, book characters dying and then- psych!- not dead after all. Perhaps this coincides with Jesus' resurrection, maybe? What about Snow White eating a poison apple and being brought back to life by love's true kiss? Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit sent spiritual death throughout the whole world and only God's love can give us life again.

    This though! Oh! Being a fantasy writer, this really blows my mind. Just totally. I am convinced that the elements of the fantasy genre were stolen from the Bible. All the way. Most fantasy books have a lost prince, right? And there's almost always an epic journey, or quest. Fantasy and quest are almost synonymous. So Jesus as an exiled Prince on a quest to save His kingdom. Yes? Yes? :D

    Oh! This gives me so much feels! I can't stop grinning! God is totally the perfect Author. And even better His stories are true. I mean, think about how authors want their books to become movies, so they can see their stories, "come to life." But God's stories ARE living. And He's still writing everyone's story today.

    God is awesome!

    Okay, okay. I'm done now. But I'm glad I got fangirl over God with you. ;)

  3. Love! I especially love that verse from James.

    Bible college sounds amazing. I'm planning to study English at uni - with long-term being an author intentions - but after that I have been really feeling of late that I'll end up doing a training course (AKA Cornhill, which is a thing in Britain, it teaches how to teach the Bible).

    As a fantasy writer I agree with ALL of this. I think it's incredibly cool that as well as being a revelation of God's word, his purpose and his will, the Bible is also beautifully written. I'm reading Job at the moment and the poetry .... just wow. I love the fact that, with a Creator God, we can all be creative too, whether in art or music or, for me, writing.

    Love this post and I'm so happy you're enjoying college! :)


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