life (in flux)

hey there frand.

I'm beginning to feel like I've become a terrible blogger.

Just kidding. I'm actually beginning to feel like I actually have a life beyond the computer screen and therefore don't have enough time to be blogging at least 3 times a week like I did last year. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

So...update on life?

I have purple hair now. Correction: I am in the process of having purple hair. It was very purple on Thursday. Today it's more of a purple/brown/red mess. Which is cool. Just a little frustrated that it didn't stick around for the while I thought it would stick, but hey--at least I know I can pull that color off now!

Over the course of spring break I think I read about seven books. And I hadn't really sat down and read a book in hmmm I dunno four months? Honestly, I don't remember have the books I read. They were just kinda "meh" books I just grabbed from the teen section. However, I am in the middle of reading Paper Towns and I LOVE IT. Looking for Alaska depressed me. I saw it coming and it still depressed me. So I was scared to read Paper Towns for fear of the same trauma. It turned out for the best though. Also working my way through Ender's Shadow because a certain best friend of mine needs a buddy to fangirl about. Plus I just really really love that series.

Music-wise...I have a confession to make. If you know in the kpop scheme of things, you'll probably find out that I'm not a big EXO fan. However, I've listened to their song Call Me Baby like a million times today. The music video was pretty darn fantastic (man do they know how to dance) and I like the song and the lyrics are cheesy but in a cool way. I'm impressed. I've also really gotten into Marina and the Diamonds, Oh Honey, and of course, you all must watch Fairly Local by twenty one pilots. And by must, I mean MUST.

hey...just so you know--if you follow me on instagram or facebook or pinterest  and see me posting things about being sick or in pain or you see my braces or something--please, don't freak out. I'm not dying. I'm actually not in THAT much pain, because pain is relative to me now. If I can get myself out of bed, I'm okay. I don't have a "normal" any more, and as sad as that may be, it's something I'm glad I'm coming to grips with.

on that note--I've been working out. And it's been glorious. When you struggle with chronic illness and pain, exercise is tough, but if you take it one step at a time, it actually helps you feel better. Funny how that works. I can't run any more (which sucks) because of both the celiac disease AND my chronic pain, but walking is like my new favourite thing. It's a good thing I live in a pretty nice neighborhood. And the girls on my floor do yoga, which is tough on my wrists, but it's worth it. Did it tonight and I know I'm gonna sleep well tonight.

I talk about working out like it's something I do all the time. No...I started that like a few weeks ago (and that's not counting the dark abyss of spring break when I didn't do ANY exercise). My main occupation during that time was Netflixing. I've been mainly watching Criminal Minds, with a few kdramas thrown in there. Waiting on pins and needles for Let's Eat 2 to come out, and I'm watching King of High School Savvy while I'm waiting. Seo In Guk in Reply 1997 was like the most amazing thing, and he doesn't disappoint in this show either.


I was going to watch Perks of Being a Wallflower tonight with friends but something came up. Now I think I'm gonna go to bed early. And by go to bed early I mean Netflix and sweats. But that's kinda the same thing.

how are you all doing? I miss talking to you guys. Maybe once school ends and summer starts I'll get into a schedule and won't have things like, oh you know, bedbug attacks, celiac disease, college starting...those little details of life. And I'm not going to disappear off the map. Nope. I love this blog too much for that.

which isn't gonna keep me from telling you to check out my side blog, because you really should.
( )

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. You're getting into Oh Honey!??!? That makes me super happy! I'm seeing them live on Friday

  2. haaaa...i get you one the less blogging/more "real life" thing. It happens to us all...


    Oh dear Ely, it's hard to hear about you having to deal with chronic disease thangs. Even if it is "normal", that doesn't make it easy. I can't fully relate on that level, but your new blog (as well as other spoonie blogs and pinterest are helping me to sort of understand what that must be like.

    On a more upbeat note--I love it when you post about what you're reading, watching, and listening to!! To this day, you continue to give my tastes valuable input and variety! :D

    (((((i'm going to my first every twenty one pilots concert in eighteen days and i'm forever amazed that it was something as simple as you posting a lyric video of Car Radio on this blog that got me so completely hooked on the Joseph & Dun duo...*fangirl spaz attack sprinkled with uncontrolled excitment*)))))

    Any thoughts on Bluryface?

    I miss you Ely, but thank God for blogs and pinterest and IG. ;P


    ....*whispers* I am so wanting to dye mine bluuuuuuuue...just once....just once.....

    Your quirky college updates make my heart happy. I hope your friends are truly awesome as their singing voices are. ;)

    Love ya Missiouri!

    Also I have been loving Marina And The Diamonds a lot too. Current favorite by her is Teen Idle and Happy. Like geez her songs hit really frickin hard.

    AND OMG TYLER AND JENNA'S WEDDING! Okay just needed to let that out.
    Sorry this comment isnt making sense. lol.

    Its good to read a blog from you again! And I cant wait to check out your new blog. Im glad I have a friend who understands my spoonieness. If thats even a word...

  4. ahhhh I love Oh Honey! They came to my college last semester, it was awesome.

    I can't get Call Me Baby out of my head, it's like the Korean Uptown Funk or something.


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