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I like lists. I'm actually going to make a list the moment I finish this blogpost. It's kinda like an addiction.

So this is my gratitude list.

You see, last night was tough. I wasn't in a good emotional place, I felt like I was failing, and I was tired out from having a really really good day (but instead of seeing the good, I just saw how tired I was). I was literally an emotional wreck. It took my parents, my brother, and my dogs (they just wanted to lick me, though) to get me to a place where I could see the fact that yes, I'm sick right now, but I'm on my way to being better. I am trying, and that's what matters.

I saw it coming. Actually, I didn't. Not that day. I thought the gluten and my exhaustion would catch me later in the week, but it happened and I really hope it's out of my system now. My mindset is a little bit different than it was yesterday. And that's a good thing.

This morning, after having a delicious mini-coma (seriously. Have not slept in so late in months), I listened to my favourite podcast. I grew up listening to this radio show, and now I listen to their podcast everywhere I go. I was a little behind, so I listened to Monday's episode. On Monday's, they do Monday School, where they  kind of recap what they heard at church. And they were talking about gratitude.

Sometimes, we take the things around us for granted. Honestly? I do that about every day. We get caught up in the normal that we don't see just how wonderfully blessed we are. And it's sad and stupid, but it's a fact of life. The DJ talked about how it's important to train yourself to be grateful--if you make it a habit, you won't have to think about it. You'll automatically search for the blessings and the good in life. And that's something I need to work on right now.

On the show, they talked about the big things to be grateful for--like your family, your house, your salvation...all those things. Yes, it is so easy to take those things for granted. Yes, we need to thank God everyday for the big things. But it's also important to find joy in the little things. Me and several of my friends have a joke where we say "It's the little things in life" when we're happy over something small, but I'm coming to realize that it's more than just a joke. It really is the little things in life that you should be grateful for--I know I don't thank God enough for the fact that I can still eat dairy, or that I can afford soap for the sole purpose of it making my hair smell nice. And that's why I've made this list. Feel free to make a list of what you're grateful for today in the comments below.

1. Being able to write. I don't mean  this in the sense that I am literate, because I'm always thankful for that, but the fact that I can physically write with a pencil and paper makes me so happy. A few months ago, I could barely hold a fork, let alone take notes. Last night, I ditched the computer and wrote half a chapter's worth old-school. And yeah, my hand was tired, but I did it. And it gives me hope that I won't have to record everything my teachers say when I go back to school. Maybe I'll be able to take notes. That would be incredible.

2. Marianas Trench, or music in general. God bless the person who thought up music. Thank you,
random person. Without you, we wouldn't have twenty one pilots, the classics, worship songs, Nate Reuss, VIXX, or any music at all. Can you imagine how much that would suck? Yesterday, as I drove about and wrote and surfed the internet, my background noise was always Marianas Trench. I don't know why I like them so much, because several of their songs are similar musically, but the sound just makes me happy and want to have a dance party (which is not always a great thing when you're driving...just saying...) Music has a great power in my life, and I'm so grateful that it's around.

3. Texting. Goodness. Being an introvert like me, I live for texting. I do not do phone calls. I can do face-to-face, but I often feel out of my comfort zone and worried about what others think of me. Definitely slid back into social anxiety this year. Gonna work on that. But I'm thankful for texting and messaging and emails, because they keep me connected and let me talk to the people I love. I love letter writing and such, but if we didn't have texting, I don't know what I would do.

4. Air Conditioning. Just right now, it's probably 90 degrees outside and climbing. I've discovered that with all the health stuff I've got going on, I do not do well in heat. It sucks the energy out of me, which is frustrating because I love being outside. But I'm so thankful that we have the ability to pump cold air into our house, because otherwise I would be pretty miserable. Last night, I remember grouching as I laid in bed, unable to sleep, about how cold it was in my room. I should have been thankful that I wasn't sweating like crazy.

5. Sarcasm. What would my life be without this? And not just sarcasm, but humor in a nutshell. Finding the funniness in life is always a goal in my family, and when I make friends, a sense of humor is always something I look for. And I never really thought about how I should be thankful for that. I mean, I have an outlook on life that searches for humor constantly. I can't imagine what it would be like without that. Even when I tell stupid jokes or my sarcasm falls short, I'm still trying to see the hilarious and out of the ordinary in life. Last night, when I was freaking out and emotionally screwy, there were several moments when I was laughing through my tears because of my family and their silliness. Humor can pull you out of dark places. Don't take it for granted.

I am thankful for so much more, but if I wrote all that down, I would have to write a book and since I'm a little occupied in that area right now, I'll save the rest for another day. What are some things you're grateful for? How do you remember to be grateful? Or what is a time when you sat down and said "Huh", because you realized just how blessed you really are?

Hope you guys have a great week!


  1. Counting my blessings has gotten me through so many dark days. Glad that you are learning to do the same. It will serve you well, I promise.--Mum

  2. Things I'm thankful for:

    1. I'm thankful for the way that God doesn't stop pursuing me even when I am not actively seeking Him, and He always brings me back to Himself. Praise the Lord. Seriously. Praise Him. He's worthy.

    2. Friends. I cannot help but smile when I think of my wonderful, amazing, and totally awesome friends. And I usually laugh too. Friends (true ones) are there in the best of times and the worst of times. Sometimes to give a helping hand and pull you up, sometimes to kick you in the butt, and sometimes just to be there.

    3. I'm super, incredibly thankful for laughter. It's a huge part of my life. Even when nothing is funny I will find a funny memory because laughing is my favorite (and also smiling). Laughter always reminds me that I'm not the only person on the planet and I need that a lot.

    4. Walmart. Because food is abundant there (I'm also thankful for food. Especially if it involves bacon or caffeine), and also because I get to people watch and that makes me laugh for reasons.

    Keep your chin up, Ely, and remember that it takes courage sometimes to be thankful in a dark place.

  3. Funny, I've been learning a lot about gratitude as well. when I was younger I used to get super crazy excited about little things, and lately Ive fallen away from that. So to get back on the bandwagon, I did something I used to do; I took a blank piece of paper a wrote "Im thankful for..." on the top, and every day I jot down whatever I'm thankful for for the day It could be one thing, or a few things. Either way, its right next to my light switch, so I always see it. I highly recommend this :)

    okay, and 5 things Im thankful for are:
    1. my family
    2. blogger
    3. air conditioning (same dude.)
    4. my awesome doctors
    5. food

  4. What a lovely post. That verse from 1 Thess is marvellous.


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