week by week #1 // too much teen wolf and adorable owls

little bit of refurbishing around here, huh? It took me and my glutened brain about seven hours to make all these fancy news things (and I napped for about two of those hours...) lemme know what you think, or if there is something small that I've missed!

I've decided to start weekly updates, because monthly recaps are becoming more and more popular...but I don't have the attention span for that long. Seriously, I went to write a June recap last month and I sat there and thought, "Wait...what did I actually do this month?" Yeah...I just don't retain the information I need--especially if I know I'm supposed to remember it. Random facts about my favourite singer or middle names? Got it. Important math theorems? Nope. Not even a chance.

So here are some of the things I've done/loved this week!

you wouldn't expect me to start this with anything but music right? Infinite's Bad is a brand new song from them, and I cannot get enough of it or the music video. As a kpop reactor aptly put it, it's low-key creepy, and the illusions and style of the mv are fantastic. As the song goes, it's a liiiiiiittle more auto-tuned than I usually like, but it's also catchy and gets stuck in my head all day every day. I listen to it, and it's definitely a dancing song. My sister and I dance party all the way.

Next up on the song list is also a new kpop song--Got7's Just Right. This song melts my heart. The MV is cute, but I really really love the song. The lyrics have a really great meaning that you don't see that often in the kpop scene, and I could not be prouder of JYP and Got7 because of this. When I feel a little sad or need a pick me up, I listen to Just Right and I instantly have to smile. And dance. Because honestly--why wouldn't you want to dance to this adorable song?

After this one I'll shut up about music. I promise. Listen to Fun's Stars. This one makes my throat get a little tight and my brain kick into overdrive for reasons I'm not really sure why. It's a song that makes me think, and I love songs that make me think. It also gives me Matt and Jon feels, but pretty much everything these days gives me feels, so...

Guess whose birthday is drawing near? Mine! I'm someone who gets excited about birthdays, and I'm really happy I get to spend mine at God's Mountain again. I didn't think I would get to go this summer, but as long as my health allows, I'll be there for a week! Along with that, I love early birthday presents. I'm really awkward about opening presents in front of people, but when one of my best friends came over for a few days and brought my present with her, I didn't awkward myself out too much. Anyways, these are a few of the coolest things ever. Owls for the win.

For the longest time, I melted citrus-y wax to make my room smell beautiful. Recently though, it kinda stopped working for me, so I picked up a new scent. Now my room smells like apple pie and it makes me super excited for October. Like, I need October.

Dang it. I said I'd shut up about music. And I've fallen back in love with my f(x) red light cd, especially the photo book (soooooo artistic...). I apologize. (not really)

books books books (as you can see, I'm still lovin' Everybody Sees the Ants. And probably will til I die.)

I've been fairly sick recently (and then managed to be stupid and eat very much not gluten free macaroni and cheese), so I've spent a lot of time on the couch. Kleenex and Sprite are my besties. And also two new tv shows--Reign and Teen Wolf. Reign I've watched five or six episodes and laughed in confusion over the odd music choices. Teen Wolf...well, let's just say I hit a new all time low. This is the first time I've ever marathoned more than just one season...yes, that's right, I watched about three seasons in three-ish days. I am not proud. Just bored.

So, my parents were gone last week, and I had the house to myself--except for my adorably annoying dogs. And then something happened. Something terrible and funny that led to a phone call that started with "Mom? Dad? Umm...the ceiling just fell in." Water damage sucks. At least it's all patched over and I'm not sweeping up or choking on insulation every day.

Anime-wise, I'm really loving Parasyte: the Maxim. I think I'm about half-way through. I do miss old Shinichi though--the new one is just too perfect looking. I miss the dorky glasses and awkward fumbling. Migi is as awesome always, of course.  I also finished My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too--I enjoyed the slightly original characters, but the ending was a little frustrating. Unless they're doing a third season. Which I would probably be okay with.

Writing...excuse me while I go sob in a corner. This is hard. I don't want to finish. I am really really close guys. Like, within the next 15k words, I think. *crosses fingers* I'm struggling to keep Matt in character at times, which is uber frustrating, but I'm making decisions and changes already in my original plot that make every thing flow just a little better. One of those things is that Sam and Matt are not an item. The romantic side of the story was making me pull my hair out, because I'm not a fan of people falling in love in just a few days--so my beloved twosome are just friends. I think they will end up together in the future, or at least there's potential there, but I'm going to make the choice to stay away from all that. Colt's as precious as ever, by the way. That's my excuse for watching so much Teen Wolf--it's research for how Dylan O'brien moves and acts, right? (just kidding. Stiles is life. Colt is also life.)

How are you guys doing? Do you like this style of recap? I'm going to try to be regular at posting at least once a week, especially now that school is drawing closer and closer (and we all know that when I say I'm going to be regular...I will most likely fail). Let me know if you like the new look too!


  1. I love the weekly recap idea :) And your new social media thingies are the stuff of awesome. Me and my sister were talking about Just Right (GOT7) too and it's so great that they touched on the subject they did. JYP rocks. And Jackson was friggin adorable as always and the vocals slayed. The dance though. Okay, I'm done. ;)

    Those owl erasers are adorable! Are you daring to actually use them or are they saying pretty? *grins* (Also, Himchan is precious. I love your Kpop gifs)

    1. Oooooh....I'd love to use them. But they're so cute, so I don't know. I think I'll keep one for pretty sake and use the others. :D

  2. love this:)

    I approve of your life choices. haha. Teen Wolf is life! I watched season 4 in a week, plus season 4 of Falling Skies the following week. (But I dont have an attention span. so thats really fast for me.)

    But I should for sure listen to that Fun song.

    And YAY FOR ALMOST FINISHING THE GREAT ONES! I want to read that book eventually. So keep working on it!

    Love you and hope you're feeling better<3

    1. IT'S SO CLOSE!!! I can't even believe it. And it's probably really terrible right now, but I'm so excited to be ready to rewrite. Finally. :D And you will be one of the first to read--you are my beta, after all (wait...after watching Teen Wolf that sounds strange... :P ) <3 <3 <3



  4. I love weekly recaps so good on you for doing them!! I do, like, biweekly because...I don't even know why. xD I put so much stuff into my recaps IT'S EXHAUSTING. But omggg TEEEN WOLF. I put off watching it forever because I felt dumb (I mean, the title is...kinda...cheesy??) BUT IT IS SO GOOD AND GRITTY AND WONDERFUL. I'm putting off watching S5 until the entire thing is out though, because the cliffhangers are wicked. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. The title is cheesy! I always didn't like saying what I was watching because of how dorky it is, but I finally got over it. :D And I'm super hyped for S5, but it looks so intense that I'm probably gonna have to watch it all at once so I can ingest the awesome without waiting on pins and needles. :D


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