week by week #2 // mini-reviews and Nate Reuss

my plan for the next week is to be horizontal and listen to Nate Ruess' sweet voice--if only that cured chronic illness.

it's been a rough week, friends.

I am so tired of quitting and cancelling because of my health....

I feel like I talk about my health and other such things a lot on social media, but I just want you to understand that I am in no way complaining. Most of the time I am looking for support, trying to educate others about my conditions, or relieve a little stress by making myself and others laugh. If it gets annoying, I'm sorry, but this is my life now. And it's probably never going to go away.

I saw my neurologist this week. He said I was normal (neurologically speaking...I spent half of the time spent in that appointment giggling because he kept saying that strange word that really doesn't describe me at all). I saw my general pracitioner. She's really happy that PT is helping me and that I'm stronger than I was six months ago. However, the fact that I'm still in pain made her want to try one more thing--and now we're trying to decide whether it's worth trying a medication with some nasty side effects to make the pain go away. I'd really appreciate prayers while we figure this out. As much as I want to be able to label this issue and get at solving it, I'm not a fan of turning my stomach into a hazardous wasteland due to pills. I take enough as is.

So yeah. That's the heavy side of my week. It hasn't been all bad. I went outside today. I had ice cream and it was amazing. I did some baking--and I'm thinking about baking more, because I'm finding that I really love it. I didn't write as much as I should've, but the gluten has eaten my brain and I don't think it's the wisest to write about the heavy, heartbreaking stuff when I'm on high-risk for a depression episode. Darn you gluten. But I'm determined to finish before I go back to school. I can do this thing!

Books have been a huge thing this week. As I finished all the Teen Wolf I can get my hands on, I'm in that weird between shows phase, and nothing really catches my fancy. So reading it is. Here are three mini-reviews!

  • Finding Audrey, by Sopie Kinsella. This is a story about a girl who struggles with social anxiety (and by struggles, I mean struggles), and her journey towards being a normal person again. In five words: more video games than expected. Like, a lot. I expected this to be a fairly serious book about how social anxiety changes a person, but instead it focused a lot on Audrey's family and how they intereacted--which wasn't bad. It just felt like Audrey's story got left on the side of the road a lot. I didn't connect to Audrey very much, but the descriptions of her anxiety attacks and how she felt in general were spot on. I liked that Linus had a unique name, and surprisingly, I did not find Felix as enchanting as everyone else reported. In fact, the character I liked the most was Frank. Everybody else seemed slightly over the top and crazy. So this book wasn't terrible, but it could've been a lot better, in my humble opinion. Also--did anyone else have issues with the fact that Audrey was 14??? Really?? 3/5
  • Ask the Passengers, by A.S. King. This is actually one of two LBQT books I read by accident this week. I put them on hold because--duh, A.S. King, and Simon and the Homo Sapiens Agenda had a lot of buzz following it--and out of the two, I liked this one a little better. The whole gay/lesbian side of the book was just kinda there, but I loved Astrid. I loved how she thought. I loved how she sent love to the passengers. I loved how she felt invisible and like the ears of the town and still loved--it broke my heart to find out why she loved like she did. Everybody else in the story...eh. I would've totally been okay reading this book and it just being Astrid and her thoughts. And Frank Socrates freaked me out a little, just like Gersday in Reality Boy. What is with this author and her protags having imaginary friends? 4/5
  •  The Impossible Knife of Memory, by Laurie Halse Anderson. Ummmm...first of all, can I just say--beautiful cover. That was the sole reason I picked it off the shelf. I want blue streaks like that. This is a pretty great read about a girl with a broken dad who might just be broken herself, and how they both fix themselves despite all odds. This book made me happy and sad and I read it in twelve hours and I really love it. I love the name Finn and always will, and the way he was described was perfection. I saw him in my imagination, and I loved him. I continued to love him later when he was more than just a lovestruck silly boy and actually had to make life choices and when his life kinda stunk. I appreciated Finn. I also appreciated the well built cast of characters. Hayley was a great protag, although for some odd reason I kept forgetting her name (blame that on the gluten...), and if I had money, I'd probably go out and buy this book right away. It's well written, it's funny, it gave me tgoatg feels, and it's really beautiful. Definitely a recommendation. Great story about PTSD and choosing whether to embraced life and live it or be a zombie. 4.5/5
  • And I started reading Angel Fire, by L.A. Weatherly, which I have been putting off for weeks because love triangle and I'm kinda terrified. I loved Angel Burn. Please, don't ruin this series for me, sequel. 

Yesterday, I was driving home from PT, and just as I turned on the road I live on, my jam came on. It kinda made a sucky day turn into a lovely one.

Guys--I may have purple hair again. I'm going to try everything in my power to have at least part of my hair purple again. I don't want to say what I'm trying in case it turns out to be a fail, but be forewarned--your friendly ginger may go purple again. And I can't wait.

Nate Reuss. Need I say more.

I watched the Maze Runner last night and it was rather surreal to see Dylan O'Brien as Thomas. When I first saw the movie, it was like watching Colt run away from Grievers and be totally boss and completely unlike himself and it was awesome. And then I started Teen Wolf and fell in love with Stiles and now it's very strange to see Thomas...while seeing Colt...and seeing Stiles. It's confusing.

I think I'm going to see Paper Towns this coming Thursday! Sadly, since I sleep about eleven hours these days and have no brain, I don't think I'm going to be able to go to God's Mountain, but I'm happy to spend one more week with my family. And getting to see an awesome book turned into a hopefully awesome movie on my birthday? Yes, please!

this quote is my favourite. love it so much.

I'm really excited about school, guys. I know I'm still sick, but I have a little more of a handle on it now than I did last semester, and my hope is to be able to stay on campus more. It sucked to be constantly moving from home to dorm to home to dorm. A lot sucked back then, but that sucked a lot.

Also, I'll get to see this lovely lady. And that will just make my day, when us two socially awkward and anti-social girls are reunited. There will be much dance-partying.

I guess I should go do something productive. Like sleep. Or read more books. Because that's what productive means these days. Or maybe I'll stick to my former plan of attack--being horizontal and listening to Nate Ruess.

I like that plan. It's a good plan.

I promise to blog more than once this week! Have a great weekend!


  1. Im glad your neurologist appointment went well!

    As for books, My sister accidentally started Ask The Passengers as well. lol. She was determined to get through it despite the obvious problems, but then it got too dumb for her and didnt even have a propelling storyline.
    I read The Impossible Knife Of Memory and really liked it. (Finn. Duh.)
    I'll be praying for you once school starts! You got this!

    Love you!<3

    1. Yeah, the plot for Ask the Passengers was very dumb and storyline was eh. I probably would've hated it if I didn't like the way Astrid processed things. Of course, not many books can live up to Everybody Sees the Ants. :D
      I'll be praying for you too! Spoonie strong! Love ya! :)


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