{beautiful people #12} gill and rion are buds

the past few beautiful people link-ups, my beautiful people were all folks from the great ones and the general, and rightly so, because I was kind of on a fast from writing anything else. I really needed that. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn't be finished right now. But now...I can write anything and everything I want since the great ones is on break currently.

I think you can see where this is going.

On my recap last Sunday, I posted this picture and said, "I want to write the thing. Can I write the thing?"

I wrote the thing.

And the thing turned out a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

But hey--I'm okay with that. I haven't written fantasy in a year at least. My protagonist is female, which is also something I haven't written in a while (unless you count Sam's occasional chapter here and there). The sarcasm is nowhere near new, but it's fun to write it coming from a dude with a tail instead of a dude with a really bad haircut.

I miss you, Colton Trelawney.

me too, bruh

I have about four chapters written. More to come. I hope. Praying I don't run out of steam right after posting this, because that's what usually happens. Very embarrassing. However, I think I like this idea a lot. Enough to keep on writing.

This month's Beautiful People is about friends. I thought about doing Matt and Colt, but I think their friendship goes without digging into things. They're my babies. And they're besties for life. Or at least until Matt rips Colt's head off.

So I'd like to introduce you guys to my lovely new babies, Gill and Rion. Check out their Pinterest Boards!


Beautiful People August 2015: Friendship Edition

  • how long have they known each other, and how close are they? Gill and Rion met when she was 16 and he was roughly about 500, and from the moment he laid eyes on her he knew they would be friends. That, and the fact that he was bound by law to serve her until he repayed his debt. Gill...well, she was wrapping her mind around the existence of a merman. They've known each other a few days, and Rion thinks of themselves are best friends. Or bros. If he knew what a bro was. Gill just thinks he's annoying but won't say anything about it because she's too nice.
  • what's their earliest memory of being best friends? Now, Rion jokes they're already best friends, but that doesn't happen for a little while yet. The first time he truly realizes what he'd do for Gill is when she tells him what happened with Jorry at the marketplace. He would've tracked that scrawny boy down in a heartbeat and punched his face in if he had...you know, legs. Gill realized they were friends when they wind up dehydrated in the middle of the desert...and she gives him the last water, not just because he needs it more, but because she wants him to complete his goal. Otherwise, this whole mess is pointless.
  • do they fight? how long do they typically fight for? ummmm...when are they not fighting. Gill's a relatively easy-going person, but Rion pushes enough of her buttons to make every word out of her mouth be confrontational and frustrated. Their conversations flow from one argument to another, with a blip of making up every now and then.
  • are their personalities similar or do they compliment each other? Gill is quiet and reserved, Rion is flamboyant and pretty much just nuts. She has a nasty tongue on her, though, and he's elaborate enough for his mouth to paint a picture. They're both easy-going, though Rion is a bit on the high-maintenance side of life. Gill is surprisingly good at lying, so she is great at distracting people from the weird hooded man in the wheelchair, while Rion could charm your socks off if he wanted to. They work together perfectly, even though they pretend to hate each other. Silly kids.
  • who is the leader of their friendship (if anyone)? no one. Gill's too passive; Rion's too silly. They take turns being the leader, but most of the time it's a simple matter of they just co-exist well. Bouncing ideas off each other is second nature, because, honestly, she's a mouse and he's a fish. Not literally. Well, sort of literally. But it works.
  • do they have any secrets from each other? well, Rion does, but I'm not telling you that because duh it's a secret. But let it be said. Rion has a secret. And Gill might want to kick him in the shins when he tells her. Oh wait, he doesn't have shins. Gill is relatively secret free--unless you count the fact that she think Rion's hair is pretty. Don't tell him that. It'll kill her.
  • how well do they know each others quirks and habits? Gill knows Rion is a outrageous flirt. Rion knows Gill's aunt is dying and she can't do anything about it. Gill notices Rion's chuff-chuff-chuff laughter and thinks it's minorly adorable. Rion sees the way Gill tucks her hair behind her ear like it's still long enough to braid. He hates that he was the one who made her have to cut it.
  • what kind of things do they like to do together? since they're running across the country trying to find a way to make fish boy's tail turn into legs, they pretty much do everything together. One of their favourite things, however, is swimming. At first, Gill hated it, but after Rion took the time to actually teach her and not dunk her repeatedly, she started liking it more. Don't really blame her.
  • describe each character's fashion style. how are their styles similar? Gill wears pants and loose shirts most of the time (usually wrinkled), but she wishes she could wear dresses. She wears blues and browns on a regular basis, but every time she visits Port Adelaide, she eyes the girls in pink dresses with lace everywhere. Rion's fashion style...well, he wears a golden armband. And has some weird merman tattoo. Apart from that, well...he's a merman.
  • how will their lives be different without each other? well, Rion probably wouldn't be alive, Gill would be stuck in an alley in Port Adelaide, and their lives would probably suck in general. Gill also wouldn't have found out just how brave she can be when necessary, and Rion would never find out just how annoying his smart remarks are. They change each other, and they don't even realize it. Silly kids.
there you have it. my latest distraction. Also, fun fact--I'm writing this one out on paper first. Yeah, I enter it into Scrivener after writing each chapter, but it's nice to just use a pencil and a paper. Takes me back to the old days (which is both good and bad, because my writing SUCKED back then.) 

Do you like Gill and Rion? I think I do. I think they'll be good to keep around. I hope you think so too--here's a snippet to seal the deal.

“You think it’s that easy?” he asked, a sarcastic lilt to his voice. “You saved my life. I have to return the favor…or I’m dead.”
She gulped. “Really?”
“On my dying fins.” He surely sounded serious. Then again, he was a merman. Could you trust a word they said?
She took another step closer. The smell of salt—stronger than anything the sea held—wafted toward her. “So how does a merman repay the debt?” Merman. She couldn’t believe in that word. The taste it left on her tongue was fishy and foreign. She didn’t like it.
He shrugged. “I’ve never really asked. I assume, when I save your life, the payment is filled. I don’t think I can just make you a sea bouquet and that’s that. There must be risk.”
“I dropped you in the sea. Where you belong. Not much risk there.”
“Yeah, but did you see that storm? You could’ve been thrown overboard. And what if your crew found me? I’d be soup!”
Gill wanted to smile, but he was smirking again, so she kept her face as bland as possible. He was just playing games with her.
Then she actually realized what he’d said. “Wait. My crew? You think this ship is mine?”
He thumped his tail against the side of the ship like he was bored. “Why not? Swash-bucklin’ female pirates are in right now, I think.” He squinted one eye. “I think you could pull it off. Forgo the beard, though. Never a good look.”

So far, I have no name for this adventure. Any ideas? I know four chapters and a beautiful people isn't much to go on, but I'm always up for outside input. Especially when my only idea so far is "Gill and Rion's adventures."

Seriously, brain? Get a life.


  1. Gill and Rion sound awesome to be honest :) I don't think I want to offer title suggestions until I know more about them though (I'm insecure like that. And also, I have to seriously brainstorm A LOT to come up with even slightly good titles) .... but I bet the story's as great as The Great Ones and the General. ^_^

    On a side note, I've been loving your weekly recaps girl. Aaaand, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award: http://randomofalife.blogspot.com/2015/08/one-lovely-blogger-award.html *confetti*

    1. thanks, friend! I get that--that's why I haven't named it officially-ish yet. I like titles to fit just right (call me Goldilocks). I'm super excited to acquaint you guys to them! I think it's going to be a lot of fun. :)

      Yay for nominations! I was actually just writing my post for it! Never thought it was so hard to come up with seven original facts about myself...

  2. Haha they sound adorably dysfunctional. XD It's cool that the guy is the mer-person instead of the girl. That's really cool. ^ ^ When I think of titles I usually think of key words are phrases from the book. :) Perhaps that can help you. ^ ^ Good luck writing the story and I gave you a follow on Blog Lovin'. ^ ^

    I found you through Beautiful People because I did it too. ^ ^ http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2015/08/beautiful-people-friendship-edition.html

    1. thank you for the follow! That made my day--literally! :) And your advice is so helpful! I guess my problem is I haven't written enough for there to be prominent key words, but hopefully as I go along, they'll be more obvious and I can come up with a wonderful name. :)

      Cool! I love Beautiful People! Best link-up ever! :)

    2. Awww I'm so glad it did! I'm so happy it's helpful to you! It sometimes takes a draft or two to figure it out,but I'm sure you will. ^ ^



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