flower crowns and other fun facts about me

ahhhhhhhh I've been tagged!!!!!!!!!!

*runs frantically around room*

just kidding. I love tags. Give me all the tags. But actually don't, because I always forget or miss the tagging and then feel like a terrible person. But a tag once in a while is great. And I guess this is a nomination for an award or something, but still. Tags are tags. So mad props to Skylar Finn for nominating or tagging me. She be awesome. Check her blog out here: http://randomofalife.blogspot.com/ .

here be the rules, coolio:

1. Thank whoever nominated you. *checks box*
2. list rules and display award. *checks box*
3. add 7 facts about me myself and i. *will check box*
4. nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them. *dude...do I even have fifteen friends? let alone blogging friends?*
5. display award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you. *done and done*

here be the facts, dude:

i. I really cannot stand salmon and apple cider vinegar. There are a lot of foods that I don't like, but those are the two things that I literally cannot eat. One of the two times I've ever vomited involved both ingredients. Lovely.

ii. I once had an author tweet me thanking me for my review of her book. And then she DMed me asking me where I thought she was going with her second book. Probably one of the biggest moments in my life. Some serious screaming and wriggling happened when I got those tweets.

iii. when I was 8, I almost bled to death. That was fun. Not.

iv. my dream home state? probably Oregon or Colorado. *mutters, "Screw you, Missouri weather," under my breath*  Unless we're talking about home country, and then I'd say England. I'd like to visit Korea, but I don't think I could live there.

v. my favourite twenty pilots lyric...oh gosh I can't even go there. One of my favourite twenty one pilots lyrics is domingo en fuego. It means Sunday on fire in Spanish, and while that phrase isn't one well-articulated in our culture, I really think it needs to be. Plus it just sounds cool.

vi. I'm still mourning the fact that I finished Criminal Minds.

vii. I have a blanket addiction. I have almost as many blankets as I do empty notebooks. It's a problem. I probably need therapy.

viii. I secretly think flower crowns are darn cute. Don't judge me.

just look at this precious bean. look!

ix. I have had many nicknames in my life: Bob, Elysibeth, Eli, Pretzel Toes, child, Spoiler Queen, and Eliza Jane, among others. My favourite is probably Eliza Jane--even though I say I hate it.

x. I feel like a failure because I have the Raven Boys in paperback, Blue Lily, Lily Blue in hardback, and my copy of the Dream Thieves is entirely non-existant. Out of all the books I ever read, I want to own a matching set of those books. And the hardbacks are so pretty. So I guess I should get over my phobia of hardbacks and bite the bullet. *soothes empty and aching wallet*

I nominate...Faith @ Princess Faith, Lauricia @ Laurcia Dawn, and Emily @ Emily Etc, because no, I don't have fifteen friends. And I'm totally cool with that.

so that's that! I guess I'm One Lovely Blogger. If I ever get an angry email from someone saying that I'm a terrible blogger, I'll just whip out this award and say, "Ah ha, you're wrong I'm write" like a five year old.

yes, I do think I like this award.


  1. I love that TOP lyric :)
    and yes I will do this! mark my words! thank you for nominating me :)

  2. I loved reading this :) And I approve of the gif usage.

    (I don't think anybody sane would like apple cider vinegar. >.< My quirky food-hate is corndogs. I can't stand them.)

    1. ooooooooh corndogs. Nasty. My brother lives and breathes by those, I don't know how he does it.

      My mom actually uses apple cider vinegar in a lot of her cooking. Makes a drink with it that everyone says tastes AMAZING; i'm over here like "Um guys...did you forget there's apple cider vinegar in there? Uh-uh." XD

  3. Love it :) And thanks so much for tagging me! (I should have commented here before doing my own post ... rude of me, sorry!!)

    Ugh, salmon. Not good. But you've only vomited twice??? Achievements! Or, worrying?

    I love your nicknames. I too possess a lot. But please tell me now, because this has gone on long enough -- is Ely pronounced Eli (which is how I pronounce it in my head) or Ellie? Thank you.

    1. lol no prob! I haven't read your post yet but I definitely will soon! :D

      yay, another salmon-hater! We must stick together! Yeah, I've only done it twice...I have a pretty strong stomach, and I just get naseous instead of throwing up. Tis a blessing and a curse (my dad has thrown up since he was seventeen...WHAT???)

      haha this is something I get asked a lot. My mom says it should be pronounced Ellie, but I've always pronounced it Eli, and since this is a self-given nickname, that's how I tell people it's pronounced. Weird, I know. But I think it's pretty dope. :)


    I'm sorry but I am a Criminal Minds fanatic and I have watched all eleven seasons at least four times.

    also, JOSH YOU ADORABLE BUNDLE OF PERFECT. why are there so many cute dorks out there? ugh, it's killing me.

    Love this post ^^

    O | Life as a Young Lady


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