To All the Boys I've Loved Before // September TBR

it's been a crazy week.

very accurate description of my week. trust me

but I've had time to read. Yay! *happy dance* First day of classes was today, but I'm hoping I'll be able to keep this habit of a book a week. I know it's technically still August, but don't judge me, I'm a free spirit.

First thing I have to say about this book. The cover. Is so. Freaking gorgeous. I can't even. The second thing I have to say about this book is that the cover is way than the actual book itself. At least that's what I think.

And the fourth thing is that I freaking love Kitty.

I mean, it was okay. I didn't hate it. It was a good cozy blanket cotton candy fluff in your mouth book. There were just so many things about this book that bugged me out of my blanket and into my cold and uncomfortable writer's chair. I gave up seeing the cozy blanket ever again.

Well, not really. I found it again when I pulled out Challenger Deep. Now there's a book I could talk all day about!

ooh! Star Wars fruit snacks! It's midnight, my thought process is shot, and my roommate's enabling my fruit snack obsession. Focus, Ely, focus.

The hardest thing about this book was Lara Jean. I never got her. I never connected. I mean, I understood her as a girl, but not as a person with common sense. *SPOILER ALERT* Why on earth would you like two boys at two different points in your life, have them find out, then kiss the boy you don't like any more in front of the one you do you like...and then start dating the guy you don't like? To make the other dude jealous? To throw him off because he's acting lovesick...and he also dated your sister???

I just don't get it.

Peter and Josh were pretty okay characters...I think there was a tiiiiiny bit of character development in Peter, while Josh progressed in the opposite direction. I fully admit liking Peter better. I thought he was going to be all arrogant and jerky, but while he obviously had several flaws, I can totally see why Lara Jean fell for him. Just not all the stuff she did before falling.

I also can't take him seriously because of Kavinsky in the Dream Thieves. Any one? Just me? Okay.

I have a big bone to pick with how Margot was portrayed. Yes, she was basically Lara Jean's role model (tho neither of them probably realized this) and her fall from that adoration needed to happen for Lara Jean to start her own decisions. I just think her 180 from nice, slightly bossy older sister to evil jerk was a bit drastic. Or maybe it was just Lara Jean's perception of her that changed, and I just didn't catch it because I didn't connect with her.

As I said above, I loved Kitty. I even loved Dr. Covey. Yay for fictional father's being loving and absent-minded and awesome. He reminded me a lot of Mr. Penderwick...and now that I think about it, Kitty is basically a brattier and bolder Batty.

Dude. This book is a weaker version of Penderwicks on Gardam Street without the homework drama...for teens! Mind blown.

I guess the last thing that bugged me was the over-descriptions. I don't need to know where Lara Jean got all her clothes. I get that she dresses in an artsy, hipster-but-really-cute Japanese style. It just jolted me out of the flow of the story even more. A lot of out of place descriptions do that to me. That was probably part of why I couldn't connect with Lara Jean. Her voice forced me out of the story. Weird.

Overall, this book is worth a shot. One time read for me, for sure. It might appeal to you, thought. It might be perfect for you. I don't know. Every reader is different, and who knows--maybe you like reading about Japanese webstores and really random Christmas stories about fruitcakes.

More power to you, man.

Have you read To All the Boys I've Loved Before? What did you think? How about that ending tho? *cringes for forever*

If you haven't read it, do you think you will?

Hope you guys have had a fantastic week, and I'll see you on Sunday for a double recap!

me packing my backpack


  1. I have not read this book, but it didn't look like something I would enjoy. So thanks for confirming my suspicions. I do want to read the Penderwicks. I love fruit snacks, my mom usually gets me the Scooby Doo ones, but Star Wars gimme. Gif usage was on point. The second one is amazing.

    1. read the Penderwicks! That series is so amazing; even my little brother liked them. The author portrays a quirky family perfectly. :)


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