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it's me, your particularly failtastic blogger. Why am I so failtastic? Well...I haven't blogged at all this week. And it's not for want or trying. I did sit down several times this week to post something, but it just didn't stick.

Last week, I didn't blog either--but I had a valid excuse. My adorable niece came to visit and I was occupied with other baby things.

So here I am, telling you about my altogether very boring week.

It's been what my family calls a flare-up, but as we're finding out, it's not necessarily a bad flare up. I went dairy-free on Monday, and that sent me into a weird mess of pain and exhaustion. That makes no sense, said everyone, you're supposed to be eliminating the thing that makes you feel bad? Well, as we learned today, when you're removing a part of diet, you sometimes feel bad before you feel better. Thank goodness for that. We're hoping that taking away the dairy will help the inflammation--and cause less problems than taking the drugs prescribed for my condition. Eventually, I will probably need to go auto immune paleo, but right now, we're just taking it as it is. It kinda sucks, and I really want some ice cream (actually, I could go for some corn chips and sour cream), but in the long run, I already feel better. It's amazing. And who knows--I might not have to be on this diet forever. In some cases, clearing up the diet cures most of the problems.

So, while I've been resting from my flare up, I've been doing a lot of TV watching. Doctor Who season 8 is out on Netflix, so I've been watching my way through that. I actually like Clara a lot more with Peter Capaldi than with Matt Smith. She's less annoying and they're more like a team than a couple. Capaldi is great as the Doctor as well--he gives me many a chuckle. And basically it's the eyebrows.

I've also been enjoying House, M.D. quite a bit. I'm not one for medical shows, but this one reminds me of Criminal Minds a bit. They're completely different shows, but the mystery element--the hunting down of the "criminal" (or the illness)--is what catches me. Figuring it out is half the enjoyment. The other half is House's sass. All hail the sass-master. We learn from his ways.

And my third/final tv show I've started this past week is Gravity Falls. It's a silly little cartoon show, but when I need something simple and mindless to take my mind off the pain, Gravity Falls is perfect. And Mable reminds me of my sister on steroids.

Speaking of my sister, she's abandoned me again! She, my dad, and my little brother are out on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters. So it's just me and my mom holding down the fort. And the dogs. And my kitties. I miss them, but it's nice to have full run of the couch and the remote.

Books-wise...I haven't really been reading much. I know, I know shame on me, but holding books is tough right now. Maybe in a few days when the inflammation goes down. But the books I've been reading to put me to sleep (not literally, but you know what I mean...) are the good old dose of Stiefvater, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and Flygirl, by Sherri L. Smith. Flygirl is historical fiction, about a black girl passing for a white girl in the WASP force. I've missed reading historical fiction. Any recommends? I thinned out my TBR the other day (darn you library bills), so I'm looking for new reads.

A youTube channel I've been loving recently is What the Pineapple, a channel put together by Amber Liu and Scott Kim. Amber is a kpop artist, and is also one of my role models. She literally gives no cares. Anyways, she started this channel, and it gives me much laughter. Especially her latest video. Her cringe-attacks...oh my gosh. *dies of laughter*

Concerning music...as always, Marianas Trench. Really love Good to You. Really, really love. And Team B. And basically all the songs ever. Owl City has always been a favourite of mine, but recently I fell in love with song in particular. How can you not fall in love with it?

*surprise Pinterest attack!!!!*


this guy makes me chuckle


for my bunny, the Blood Prince--which I need to blog about...er, about that... :P

so that's been my week. How's yours been? Got any plans for the upcoming week? I think I'm gonna get to see Ant-Man, as long as I make it to PT three times this week, and I'm rather excited. *crosses fingers*

Have a good week, guys! 


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