week by week #7 // essay, please kill me now

I'm supposed to be finishing my essay right now. as you obviously can tell, I'm not doing so. I haven't reached that level of multitasking. I am writing this while watching Scrubs while sleeping with my eyes closed, but whatevs. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


and that's why I'm gonna force myself to finish that freaking essay once I get done writing this. Or maybe after taking a nap.


guys. It's September. Finally. I've worn my flannels basically 24/7 this week and I'm loving it. Ready for my fingerless gloves to arrive because the cold is messing with my hands, but I deal with extra long sweaters. And it's time for warm drinks and apple cider and oatmeal and tater tots...


oh wait. tater tots are all seasons, all the time, all day. I love me some tater tots.

Also, chai tea is life right now.

I'm surrounded by textbooks and papers right now; I'm trying to get ahead in homework, and it's very much the struggle. Hence the essay. Eww. My brain is just very tired right now; homework and classes are destroying me from the inside out. I'm just hoping that I'll continue making time to blog and sleep. Basically the priorities of my life right now. Oh, and my reading time is my blessed free time. But I do spend a lot of time napping while reading so I don't know if it counts...


I did read a lot last week. The Winner Curse, Vengeance Road, Throne of Glass (review coming!!), Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, and I'm getting ready to start on Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock because I'm a glutton for punishment and want to drown my already drowning self in feels.


Music-wise, I made it a goal of mine to listen to more Christian radio...I turn it on while I'm getting ready in the morning, and it's just the pick me up I need to start my day. Echosmith is also a great thing, and Day6 is a new rookie group that I LOVE.

I'm really struggling with this, guys. I don't do anything that interesting this week. My days go: wake up, go to class, eat, go to more classes, eat, go to the dorm, read/do homework, and then sleep. Rinse and repeat. The biggest highlight of my week? I had to time and energy to bake when I got home.


oh yeah! baking! I made paleo fudge brownies from scratch, which were AMAZING, and this afternoon I'm making cornbread waffles so I can make sandwichs. I really really love baking, guys. makes me wish I had a stove so I could cook more often.

I'd really appreciate prayers right now. For once, my health isn't the thing that's causing uproar in my life. I'm in the process of making some big choices, and I'm not really sure where to go with it all. I know God's got my back, but it's still scary to be out there and not sure where you're supposed to be going.




I'm really loving my Restoration History class, though. It's late in the day, and I'm exhausted, but the professor is adorable and makes me laugh, and has a lot of great stories since he's lived through some of what he's teaching--and he gets his clicker mixed up with his car keys and he's basically just the best. I wish I wasn't so tired during it though. I usually end up writing future blogposts during that class because otherwise I will fall asleep.


What am I doing in this coming week? We have a quiz coming up, which is exciting, because it'll be my first quiz as an official assistant coach, and I will get to see my best friends and it'll be something normal. I crave normal. I might go and see the Scorch Trials, if only I could go see it with someone. I'm not big on seeing movies by myself...but this one I will see solo if I have to. I'm ready for more Dylan O'Brien in my life. My reading schedule is like this: Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, The Winner's Crime, Crown of Midnight, and Made You Up. Think I can get through that many in a week?

Yes. Because reading is how I relieve stress these days.

and there is a whole lot of stress going on right now.

you could even say...I'm stressed out.



I leave now.


  1. Your quotes are so relatable right now... forced myself to work on homework this weekend too to get ahead and I'm pretty happy with what I did but there's always stress man. Have a good coming week! *sending happy vibes*

    1. the homework. it kills. and is so satisfactory when you get it done but oh my gosh it's so tedious...

      hope you have a good week too! <3

  2. Your brownies were AMAZING! You may bake every weekend if you want. . . . and the decisions will happen. Patience is hard earned. --Mumzie

  3. all the twenty one pilots....yes

    Also, we are twins. obviously.

    And, I too, really need to make it a priority to listen to Christian music. when I do, my thoughts drift to Him. and when I dont, they drift to hims. if that makes sense? love songs can suck it. I need worship music.

    *sends spoons* praying for you!

    1. obviously we're twins. that whole if I'm not thinking of Him, I'm thinking of hims is SPOT ON. Gotta get my Jesus on!!! :D



    Anyway, I just discovered your blog recently, but I'm definitely following! Good luck with life and everything <3

    1. dude! it's great to find another twenty one pilots fan! *awkward skeleton clique hug* thanks for following and for commenting! :) <3

  5. Christian radio is always the perfect way to start a day ^^ Also, Echosmithhhh yesssss I love their music dearly.

    Prayers definitely going up for you! Grr, the school struggle is real for me too...though probably not nearly as real as yours, what with college and all (I'm still a wimp back here in 10th grade homeschool)

    DYLANNN. Scorch Trials has made me angry from the book-to-movie discrepancies I found just from watching the trailer, but I'd go for Dylan O'Brien. *attempts to virtually attend movie with you* ah, well. eat some popcorn for me.

    Also, Twenty One Pilots = best way to close out a post ever. I am Tyler. I am Tyler, always.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. yo homeschooling is tough. My junior and senior year were the hardest because I didn't have that much school, but I had a lot of extra-curriculars and social events and not enough discipline to get everything done before it was due. I am always immensely proud of my fellow homeschoolers, even though people joke about us all the time. :)

      I never read the Scorch Trials because I actually loved the movie way more than the actual Maze Runner, so if I ever read it I'll probably be infuriated by how much they goofed up, but as it is...I'm okay with them doing whatever. Just as long as Dylan O'Brien is there. ^.^

  6. Aw I hope these get less stressful for you! Yay for cold weather! It's still getting to the 80s here in the South. Ewwwwww. I can't wait until it just stays cold so I can wear jeans all of the time. XD YES FOR SCORCH TRIALS! I'm seeing the film tonight actually! :D


    1. We had an 90 degree day last week, but this week is all low 80s with lows in the 60s. that makes me much excited. XD

      ooooh how did you like it??

    2. Nooooooo. Yeah it got hot on Sunday. But it'll be the same temperature as your forecast this week. Yay. XD

      It's very different from the book so I'm still a bit torn. XD

  7. So stoked for fall.Your professor sounds awesome, I want to go see the Scorch Trials.
    Twenty One Pilots is pretty much on repeat since the Blurry face album released.

    1. same. this week is gonna be 100% TOP; I kinda have a problem. :P

  8. idk.
    i just really like the way you write
    and i really like the way you tell stories
    and i really like your gif skills
    and i really like you. and your crazy head.

    prayers and stuff,
    kate the somewhat-ghost

    1. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      love you, my dear friend. I'm glad you like what I write. that makes me happy.

      hope you have a splendiferous week!


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