all the books // October TBR

this one is devoid of any creative photos of these lovely looking books, partially because I don't physically have a lot of them, but mostly it's because I decided to make pizza for lunch instead of going into town later and thus used up all my spoons.

I think my life choices are justified by this deliciousness. Also, I haven't had pizza in like a month. *much tears*

I admit, September wasn't quite what I hoped it would be in regard to my TBR posts. I read most of the books I talked about, but I was too busy/exhausted to actually write about them. Plus, my brain was in a state of banana pudding (I hate banana pudding...), so I couldn't really remember a lot of what went on. I will be reviewing one book I read from September in October, but that's because Made You Up is by far my favourite book that I've read so far.
this is my how my inner Dylan feels about this book

And that's saying a lot.

So what are my reading plans? Behold, my October TBR in all of its bookish glory. I'm rather excited.

the rest of us just live here // patrick ness
I don't think I blogged about my love for Patrick Ness' writing in much detail, but let it be known: he is one of my favourite authors I've discovered this year. The Knife of Never Letting Go basically blew my mind in a really great way. I didn't love the rest of the series as much as I did the first book, but they're all worth reading. And this book, about the extra ordinary (as in so ordinary there's even a little extra on the side) people in life, seems like it's going to be just as good. *crosses fingers*

carry on // rainbow rowell
 I'm not sure about this one. I love Rainbow Rowell. Fangirl and Eleanor and Park are two of my favourite books. But when I read Fangirl, the Simon and Baz parts got skipped about 84% of the time. It reminded me too much of Harry Potter (which is totally okay, but it was just weird to me.) I'm excited to read it, because I'm always willing to give a favourite author's new book a shot--Ask the Passengers is a beautiful example of this--but I'm also hesitant to say that I'm sure I'll love it. Because that's definitely still up in the air.

the girl with all the gifts // m.r. carey
I literally know nothing about this book. I've seen good things about it, and I know it has something to do with zombies. Which should be interesting. The last zombie book I tried to read was Warm Bodies, which I hated (even though I love the movie and Nicolas Hoult with a fury), so this should be an experience. It's also the first adult fiction book out of three in this TBR list. That's scarier than actual zombies.

tell the wolves I'm home // carol brunt
second adult fiction book. I don't remember why I picked this one up. I think it was when I was looking for books about chronic illness, and it popped up in the search. If I remember correctly, it's about a girl who was really good friends with her uncle who suddenly passed away. As she struggling with the loss, she makes an acquaintance who helps her figure out what happened to her uncle? Or something like that? Basically, the cover is beautiful, and it tweaked my curiosity.

the game of love and death // martha brockenbrough
I actually wasn't too excited about this one until last night. I'd just finished Everything, Everything, so I was kind of depressed about reading (am I the only who gets like that when I read a book I don't like?). But I picked up this book and read the prologue and I got very very excited to read it. The whole personification of love and death makes me think of the Book Thief, and I totally love that Death is portrayed as a woman. That's not something you see a lot.

lexicon // max berry
 another book I don't know much about. also adult fiction, but about a sixteen year old. Basically there are people called "poets" who can control people by analyzing them or something? I glossed over the synopsis a while ago, and that's what stuck. And I think the main character--Emma, I believe--falls in love with the leader of the anti-poet group. It intrigued me. I haven't read a dystopia in a while, so I thought I would give that genre another shot.

unwind // neal shusterman
after Challenger Deep, I needed another Shusterman book in my life. I've also heard good things about this one, and so I put it on hold without reading much about it. I kinda wanted a surprise. I do know that it's about three kids who are being "unwound" for various reason...and unwinding sounds very unpleasant indeed.

skulduggery pleasant // derek landy   
phew...after all those adult fiction books I finally get to read a children's book. Oh happy day!! I've heard MANY good things about this book (series??) and I really miss reading kids books, so I'm quite excited about this read. Plus, it sounds low-key creepy, and I'm always up for that. And who knows, I might pass this one down to my little brother, who has been reading the same books over and over the past six months. He needs new books in his life, stat.

I sincerely doubt that I'll do full length reviews of all these books, even though I have significantly more time on my hands now, but I'll try to do a small recap, either on my week by week posts or at the end of the month. I'm pretty excited about my choices this month, though. I've got a lot of variety, and I've heard good things about the majority of the books. We'll see if I agree with what everybody says!
I don't even know any more...

have a great weekend, peoples! 


  1. Ooo books, all of these look good. I just bought Skulduggery Pleasant, its somewhere in a box, but I can't wait to read it. I hope it lives up to its hype.

  2. UNWIND YES YES YES. Unwind is one of my absolute favorite books/series and I've cried buckets over it. Skulduggery Pleasant is wonderfully funny, too. <3

  3. I read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and really enjoyed it, but I haven't revisited him since. I'd love to know what you think of TRoUJLH!

    I've heard The Girl with All the Gifts is amazing (and what a great title!), and I also reallly want to read The Game of Love and Death. I didn't know Death was personified as a woman, though, that's so cool!!

    Apart from that, all I have to say is that Skulduggery is incredible and my one true love and just the most marvellous series ever, and I've been reading them for the past seven years (until last year, that is, when the series finished, and can I just say that I've still not climbed out of the pit of the darkness that left inside me), and I am so glad they're finally getting the recognition they deserve because they're incredible.

    That is all.


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