week by week #10 // the return of me

so. I have a little life-update to share with y'all. I know. something actually happened in my extreme, non-exciting life.

let's just sum it up with: you're going to be seeing a lot more of me now.

as you all know, school has been very rough this past semester. if you can call a little over a month a semester. About two weeks ago, I was to the point that I was ready to go home and not come back. I dreaded going back to school. But I wasn't willing to completely give up. We cut a class, I commuted from home to school so I could sleep in my own bed...but it still wasn't enough. Last week was fall break, and my parents and I had several long conversations about what we were going to do. the bottom line is, on Wednesday I withdrew from my school and moved home.

yeah, it's rough--I miss my friends, and I'm a little sore about the homework I worked ahead on (whyyyyyyyyy...) but it's been so nice to be at home and with my family. I'm going to be working on scholarships, applying for online classes, and doing NaNo. As well as continuing PT and working on maintaining my diet (and looking into the GAPS and AIP diet...)

so yeah. welcome back to having a regular blogging schedule.

just kidding. I'm never regular.

as for the other lovely things I've gotten to do this week...

I slept. a lot. and it was glorious.

I am in love with this song. Bangtan has been my jam lately, so it's no surprise that my favourite song this week is from them. The lyrics mean a lot to mean, because the resonate with a lot of thoughts I have now and have had in the past. And the whole basketball thing to relieve stress...I get that. before I got sick, I would go out and shoot hoops for hours in the cold. Now I can't do that, but I go on walks in the cold instead and it relieves stress almost as well. Just outside. You'll feel better. this song literally makes me choked up every time I hear it.

I played Call of Duty with my brothers and dad and remembered that I really suck at that game and that I really don't care.

I discovered Cheer Up! (or Sassy Go Go if you want to call it by its totally amazing name) and although I never imagined loving a cheerleading show. It has three of my favourite actors in it, and I'm really loving some of the others as well. The story is a liiiiiiittle off the wall, but it deals with some very serious topics and I love that about it. Also, seeing Hakyeon as a Leo-type character makes my life worth living.

I discovered cashew milk ice cream. hallelujiah.

Monsta X's Hero is a thing of beauty.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo prep. it's kinda terrifying. but also really exciting.

basically me right now

We had house guests this week, so I stayed in my sister's room, which was amusing--mainly because she talks in her sleep. She also stole my copy of Skulduggery Pleasant and spent most of the last night chuckling.

also me

I've been watching Noragami Aragoto (yessssssss...), Yona of the Dawn, and the Flash. I forgot how much I loved Barry Allen.

what did you all do this week? Any new tv shows you're loving, or did you actually do something with your life, unlike me?

have a great week, guys! <3


  1. I love "my favorite song . . . .this week" Perfectly you.

  2. Love those songs, I need to listen to more K- pop. My life has consisted of nothing but tv shows, mostly Prison Break and The Blacklist.

    1. definitely listen to more kpop. kpop is life. and it's very good for impromptu dance parties. :)

  3. Ah, that is a big decision! I hope it works out for you. <3

    1. thank you! so far, being home has been great and I'm really excited to start studying in earnest next semester! <3

  4. You have done something, you took your father to see the Scorch Trials, which I must add is not a movie I wanted to see (did not enjoy the book), but it was actually pretty good. I've been thinking about it and for some reason I am now looking forward to the Death Cure ;-)

    1. ooooh good that means I won't have to drag you along to see that one. ;)

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better. I know school had been really taxing for you. :( I love the Flash! It's one of my favorite shows. ^ ^



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